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    Posted by Stranded Hatter on 22/10/2019, 9:04 am, in reply to "More Bury"

    Interesting article but the headline raised my eyebrow. Why the focus on the Football League rather than on the people who funnelled money in to their own pockets? Under the current rule Iím not really sure what the league could really have done differently. Day sold to Dale without any league involvement. If the league had said there and then that Dale wasnít fit to own the club what mechanism do they have to force him out? I donít believe they had one but even if they did that would then put them in the position of being seen as killing Bury then, rather than a few months later. Blaming them letís the likes of Day and Dale off the hook to me. Blaming insufficient oversight instead of the actual perpetrators.

    I donít for a second think the league is competent as a governing body, but I also donít know what else they could have done in the situation under current regulations.

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