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    Posted by Red Hatter on 12/10/2019, 5:25 pm, in reply to "Bury"

    Had a look on their Bury Forever forum and think they've finally started to accept they need to focus on a phoenix and enter at a lower level.

    I know they want to retain Gigg Lane, but not sure how realistic that is, especially when there is so much debt attached to the Club.

    For me, it highlights the importance of having a strong Supporters Trust and funds in reserve, to enable a quick response, should the events at Bury happen to us. The last thing you want in that situation is to end up missing a season, because the structures and funds aren't in place.

    At County we have the legal structures in place via the Co-op, nearly 60,000 in the Guardian Account and CVA's on Edgeley Park. It would be good to have more members on board though and you can join at -

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