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    Standing room only at Bromley Archived Message

    Posted by JKB9B on 11/10/2019, 6:59 pm

    As I suspected from looking at the website, I can confirm that there is no seating for away fans when segregation is in force at Bromley's ground. If, like me, you can't stand for the duration of the game, they will find you a seat in the 'home' seats but only by special arrangement.
    The way to do that is to send an email to the club's safety officer, David Cooke, and explain that you need a seat. I'm going to buy a ticket via their Eventbrite site, but I they have cash turnstiles (at a slightly higher price) as well.
    David Cooke's email address is but they ask that we leave sending any requests until the week before the game as they've got three home games on the trot so things are rather hectic.

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