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    Posted by Sandbach Hatter on 26/9/2019, 10:13 am, in reply to "Re: County Board..."

    Time for them to roll out the "County fans don't want success - if they did they would support United or City" line. If ever a comment shows how little they understand the supporters that was it.

    Jim needs to be careful though. He has aligned himself to the Board and whilst some will understand why he has his detractors will argue that by doing so he is part of the problem.

    Still find it difficult to get my head around how cynical the whole post promotion shebang has been. Players out left right and centre. Player in (Curran). Season Tickets increased to offset hotel bills and travel to a handful of away games. Why not use the Train and offset the cost by agreeing to advertise Virgin Trains at the back of the Railway End?.

    People have hurdles to surmount before they can get in the ground. The assumption that everyone has a smartphone, is computer literate and is happy to give their card details freely is more likely to see reduced crowds rather than the opposite. Couldn't be easier! Never heard of cash? It's supposed to make it easier.

    What with Northern Rail and the closure of Booth Street going to the match is, arrangements wise, a pain in the arse. Obviously they want to be 100% season ticket holders - just hope it doesn't backfire.

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