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    Posted by Trimtrabs on 25/9/2019, 6:42 am, in reply to "Re: Tonight"

    ... I'll tell him

    I don't see us an awful lot these days but managed to cram a fair few in last season and we looked a million miles off where we were.

    The first half was ok but lets not foget that Sollihull were average at best. Had Mulhern got on the end of that cross in the first half then who knows? Doesn't alter that for me we were pretty dire and even when we had 11 on the pitch too many passes went astray, they sauntered up the box at will and 2nd balls went uncontested.
    I can only call it as I see it and much of it was bobbins ... my mate is an exiled 'poolie' and in his words "I am well used too watching sh*te" and last night won't have altered that

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