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    Posted by BWScarf on 24/9/2019, 9:58 pm, in reply to "Last 4 "

    I dont find myself angry, or even surprised, at whats happened in the last couple of weeks. I anticipated all four of these defeats, because its where we are as a club. Our shortcomings are obvious, and while we had a good start, this squad isnt adapting as well as I had hoped. Its increasingly apparent that were just not quite possessive of the quality we need.

    Take the last seven matches in sum. We won three, two against sides who are in the relegation zone, the other against a side in absolutely abysmal form.

    Weve then been thumped by Chorley, who are bottom of the league, concede goals for fun and have difficulty finding the back of the net. We lost to Aldershot, who are fifth bottom, admittedly a Jekyll and Hyde side, but one which wont challenge anywhere near the top of the league. We were then thumped again by a side who themselves are just outside the relegation zone, and have massive problems of their own in the shape of Borehamwood; and now weve been beaten by a Solihull side that were in even worse form than us until now.

    In that time, weve shipped 11 goals, and scored once. Im not sure which of those statistics worries me more, but neither are good and together theyre a recipe for failure.

    This may not be a crisis, but it is more than a blip. We need to get our act together.

    Pre-empting what the discussion will be: if JG has a budget to spend, I trust him to spend it. But if he is telling the club he needs something different, they need to listen, quickly. I trust him to sort out this rut weve got into.

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