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    Posted by Trimtrabs on 21/9/2019, 6:02 am, in reply to "Re: Far right threat "

    I guess it depends on how far back we go ... Irish history (both republican and loyalist) gives us a great example of how circumstances, incidents, actions, decisions and social conditions can spawn extremists that are few in number but are supported both emotionally, ideologically, practically and financially by a significant part of the remaining majority.
    Most Irish would counter against terrorism that took life but a significant number would agree that there are some sympathies to the cause' and maybe would drop a 'few quid in a bucket', sing the rebel / loyalist songs, turn a blind eye, lob the odd brick etc.
    Itís often the working class in these communities that are stirred to direct action because they see no response to their perceived issues from those in power and nobody listens .... except those who wish to prosper politically or criminally from the discontent.
    There has been massive change over decades in towns and cities in the UK and much of it forced and experimental ... some has been needed and successful and some has been detrimental and ill-thought out, some of that has benefitted certain groups / party's and ideologists but all have refused to listen and recognise the signs of discontent ... it festers, it grows and then when the conditions or circumstances are right it spawns results.
    I think the far-right thing goes fairly simply .... a significant amount of people have concerns about issues (changes in local communities, a perceived loss of control, loss of voice and or perceived political representation etc.) ... over time the odd thing manifests itself like the NF in the 70's which gained large support from the working class like the dockers, unemployed youth etc. but with many folk seeing them for what they were but having some sympathy for why. Out of that were sown some more radical seeds that lay dormant for a while as things pick up i.e. the economy and peoples living standards through the 80's and 90's. As times moved on and another issue presents itself i.e. a radical Islam and then Blairs open door approach then we a repeat i.e. the spark of the EDL and initial significant support, again many seeing it for what it is but having some sympathy for why (again drag support from the working class) ... itís mainly fizzled away but has spawned some radicals , there is a new rallying cause (Brexit) and its now on the radar of the authorities and we see a spike.
    Through all that potted history is the common thread of the establishment imposing their will on some parts of the community against their wishes, not listening or willfully ignoring them, not educating them in parts, not changing the things that were clearly not going to work and demonizing anyone who spoke up ... you reap what you sow is apt.
    I am a classic example of that and I admit it ... one of the many that have come through different times, been influenced by many things both ways politically, been proven right in some areas but so wrong in many others, worked my own path and landed somewhere in the middle and pretty tolerant of most things. However ... for the remaining issues that concern me most then I observe people taking a stand on a range of issues (both right and left) and I have 'sympathy' and an understanding but never to the point of direct action anymore (been there) partly due to age, experience and a deeper dislike of extremes ... I would bet there are millions like that, mostly center ground but will have causes that they sympathise with ... as long as the majority fall into the center we are ok, but that depends upon there being ears willing to listen to those that fall outside of that, once you start to ignore or slam them shut then extremists will prosper.

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