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    Posted by McHatterIV on 20/9/2019, 10:37 am, in reply to "Bury"

    Won't way will teams vote them in...not a cat in hells chance.
    A good pal of mine is a Bury fan, was at EP watching us beat FC Flynde..
    He says the majority of Bury fans he knows don't want that anyway... But mostly because if they were to continue as Bury FC and keep football league status, Ste Dale would still be involved as he technically owns the name, Bury FC, they'd have to buy the name from him. He wants 1.75M for that and won't budge an inch.
    They want a Phoenix club and that's that. Same as the rest us clubs who've been funked over by shady characters over the years, it's us, the fans, that just have to suck it up and accept it.

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