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    Posted by ancienthatter on 19/9/2019, 11:21 pm, in reply to "Re: Bury"

    As much as I feel sympathy for Bury fans there is a question of natural justice here and if the EFL tramples all over it they do hold themselves up to complete derision. Iím curious now to understand how any of these Ďinstitutionsí consult with their paying customers. In any other walk of life, as a consumer, be it Ofsted or Ofwat, there is a body that regulates in favour of the consumer. In the age of Sky/Virgin/BTSport/Premiership/ChampionsLeague/FA/EFL/FIFA/UEFA/RichButDebtLoadingOwners.. itís time Supporters had a genuine say in regulating this rip off market. In the absence of a genuine say at higher levels Iíve actually almost enjoyed the Ďrealí football weíve suffered the last 8 years. Itís not as tainted by the smell of money as levels 1-4 at least, maybe even level 5.

    The football world needs to shake its head.

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