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    Posted by Sam on 18/9/2019, 8:53 am, in reply to "Re: Gready League "

    To be fair (and speaking as someone who loves seeing City, Utd and Chelsea dumped out ASAP), it’s the same across all the big leagues when it comes to the Champions League.

    Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs are seeded highly thanks to last season’s performances in Europe, and there’s no denying that Liverpool and City have been two of the best sides in recent years, so English sides are usually favourites to make it through to the latter stages of the tournament.

    There were a few years not long ago when English football was on its arse in Europe though, and it wasn’t seen as a given that they’d all make it through the groups. There was also a spell where it would always be AC Milan/Juventus/Inter reaching the latter stages, so it does peak and trough a bit.

    I don’t think anyone could argue, generally speaking, that the better teams get through to the knockout stages - for example, there’s no way that Napoli are better than Liverpool.

    I enjoy watching the ‘bigger’ sides come up against each other in the knockout rounds, with the occasional dark horse or unfavoured side like Ajax or Porto steaming through the knockout stages to dump a few of the big boys out, For me, it works well for what it is.

    Plus, City’s constant failure to win it despite their billions and then see them all go, ‘well, the League’s the main thing anyway’ will never not be funny.

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