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    Re: Abysmal Archived Message

    Posted by M20Hatter on 14/9/2019, 6:17 pm, in reply to "Abysmal"

    Lacklustre from start to finish.

    We make it incredibly easy to defend against us with the constant hoof-ball right down the middle, every single time. I’d like us (just once) to at least pretend we might go short from the goalkeeper.

    The only positive I can take from our persistence with the “system” and their reluctance to try anything different, is that he’s got the lads well disciplined... clutching at straw!

    Feel incredibly sorry for Bell and Osborne, they will get a lot of stick but it was a terrible system and game plan that went on for far too long.

    Not sure we had the ball for any prolonged period of possession, it’s no wonder the lads are knackered as the ball is just constantly being given away and putting us on the back foot time after time.

    Dimaio needs to start.

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