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    Posted by Co-op Board on 22/8/2019, 3:47 pm

    Supporters Cooperative Update

    Cheadle End Cabin- Chesterfield Game.
    You will be able to obtain the following from the cabin between 1.15 and 2 35 pre match :-

    SCSC Football Calendars £10

    SCSC Credit Card Style Fixture Lists- Free

    County Shirts from season`s past - £10 ( all proceeds to Guardian Account)

    We are also taking donations of shirts etc, and thank those who have supported us and the Guardian Account with donated items thus far.

    Selective Summary of Board Meeting on 21 August.

    Community Ticket Scheme

    JG was congratulated on the excellent work that has resulted in 3000 tickets being available to local junior clubs or community groups via the scheme. Clubs/ Groups should contact

    Hatters Half Marathon

    Almost 300 runners were now signed up for the fifth running of this fantastic race.
    Arrangements are well in hand, but we do need 500 bottles of water, either donated or wholesale price. Please contact if you can help.

    Marshalls Meeting

    Is scheduled for 5.15 after Monday`s game with Chesterfield in the upstairs room at the Armoury public house. If you have agreed to help with marshalling , or if you have not but would like to consider doing so, please join us.

    AGM 2019.

    This year`s AGM will be held at the Spinning Top on one of either 11th or 12th November.
    Regarding elections to the board, we had a contested election last year, and look for the same again this time.


    The Coop Board are examining introducing a 16-25 age group category of membership with an attractive annual membership fee.
    Also under consideration is the possible creation of a position on the Cooperative Board for the above age group.


    The following position was reported:-
    Working a/c balance - £7768
    Guardian a/c balance - £55080

    Join Us.
    Help us be better……………

    Spinning Top.
    After supporting the Cooperative and Club magnificently of recent season`s, the Spinning Top has reluctantly had to cease the very generous 10% levy on takings that they donated regularly to the Guardian Account.
    We fully understand the reasons for the ST`s decision and would like to place on record our appreciation of the magnificent support we have received ,consistently, from the North West`s top live music venue!
    The ST will however still be supporting the Cooperative in other ways, which is great, and you can support Mike and the ST at the following upcoming gigs:-

    Thurs 22nd- 21.00 Blues Society
    Fri 23 rd- 21.30 Blackwater Blues Band

    Sat 24 th- The Framed/ Ash Mountain.

    Stockport County Supporters Cooperative.

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