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    Re: sky (non county) Archived Message

    Posted by TheRealExile on 22/8/2019, 8:55 am, in reply to "Re: sky (non county)"

    If it's a new estate it's unlikely to have Virgin(cable)

    You will have to take your phone line from BT, however you do not have to take broadband.

    Once you have a landline number you can use that and get it from Sky or any other provider out there.

    It will certainly be quicker to take it from BT though and if you go on the money saving exper website it usually lists all the best offers and how to get them.

    If you are happy to share the house number and postcode I can run a check to see what services are available. (I work for a Telco - don't worry I'm not selling you owt as we only deal with the business community)

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