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    Posted by Imposter on 20/8/2019, 4:05 pm, in reply to "Re: Queue"

    Make them an offer they can't refuse - so pay an excess amount for tickets that we get no money from just so we can sell them sooner - that makes great business sense that does.

    And what if they'd come back and said "tough, you can't have then yet, we haven't decided with police what we're letting you have."

    And yes it is rude and arrogant to think just because you click your fingers, ring up a few times with veiled threats to speak to a manager or a raised voice, or send a few imploring emails that you can demand things done sooner.

    I'm very firm with people like that business to business. Unless we're in danger of exceeding/have exceeded previously agreed terms/deadlines then nagging behaviour like that would usually result on me saying, "you'll get it as previously agreed" whilst thinking to myself, "I was just about to do it, and you'd have had it this afternoon. But for it, we're not contractually obliged to give it to you for another week, so now I'm shoving it to the bottom of the pile until then."

    Now if a company approaches me with, "I know we're not supposed to have it for another week, but do you have that report for us yet at all? I need to check it before going on leave. Bit cheeky I know, but you'd be doing me a great favour." Then I'd come over all happy, "Yeah, I'll do it now for you, no problem."

    But demand? Probably result in a metaphorical two-fingered salute.

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