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    Posted by Princebytor on 14/8/2019, 3:04 pm, in reply to "Re: Alex Curran"

    Don't want to slaughter the lad because in the long run I think he will be a good player but I was sat in block B in the Main Stand and every time I looked at him he seemed unsure what he should be doing. He gave the ball away in midfield which led to a dangerous free kick and a booking, they also had a really good chance just before the end when their winger got inside him and Cowan.
    Going forward, he had a really good chance in the first 5 minutes, which he missed (they took a similar chance straight after) and there wasn't the same penetration down the left with him and Cowans as there was with Minihan and Thomas. To be fair though as you say both their goals did come down the other side largely due to mistakes by Sam ( a foul throw for the first one and poor control for the second one).
    As I say I rate the lad, I just think he will be a better full back than winger.

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