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    Posted by Imposter on 10/8/2019, 12:34 pm, in reply to "Re: Today"

    Not many. Wouldn't be surprised if it was a third of what we took to Notts.

    1. It's not a new ground - New Ground Goers mostly will have ticked it off last year or when we played them in the League.

    2. The weather isn't that great up here and by all accounts not meant to be that much better in Yeovil.

    3. Accommodation isn't great in the ground - seats with a rubbish view or the corner of an open air terrace.

    4. It's an expensive trip to make - anyone taking a coach or train will need 50-60 quid just to get down there and get in.

    5. It's a long way to go taking all of your Saturday.

    6. The town isn't great for a visit - not touristy, no great pubs, few pubs near the ground, ground not well located for either town centre or train stations.

    7. It's not in the London/Southeast area where the majority of our sizeable exile base live and cam thus boost our away following at games in that area.

    All in all I think it's one of those like I suspect Aldershot the weekend before Christmas that a few will swerve.

    I'd be pleasantly surprised if it was much over 400.

    That said looking at the following at Notts there seemed to be a lot of folks in their teens and twenties - like County had become cool. Of exactly the sort of age range where you go to every game regardless of cost, distance etc..because you don't have the financial, time constraints and responsibilities that come when you get older. Maybe there will be enough of those types to boost the following.

    My guess after all that is 350-400.

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