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    Posted by Fallowfield Hatter on 31/7/2019, 3:24 pm, in reply to "Re: Negativity "

    Massive +1 there.

    What I will add to your first post is that we've been planning to do this 'dark days' podcast for a while, there's nothing implied in the timing of it. Our main motivation was the amount of times that the subject crops up and provokes debate over the facts. We want to draw up a comprehensive timeline that can be referred back to in the future in order to stop conjecture and misinformation every time the subject rears its head. In addition, I'd hope it will serve as a reminder of what pitfalls we, as fans, should try and avoid, especially in the light of what's happening at Bury and Bolton.

    There's no agenda from us on the podcast, the three of us all have a range of differing views on all matters surrounding the club, which we hope makes for an objective debate when the topic comes up.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't present for the first episode, but I'm looking forward to listening to it and being involved in parts two and three.

    It's always good to get feedback, we've had a fair bit already in advance of the first one and it's helped us a lot in our approach to it. This is in addition to our usual episodes as well, so we'll be back with the usual drivel next month.

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