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    Re: County dreams. Archived Message

    Posted by Imposter on 31/7/2019, 12:52 pm, in reply to "County dreams."

    I had one about aliens coming to County, it went like this:

    Aliens have landed, they've taken Edgeley Park,
    Their futuristic spaceship straddles the penalty arc.

    They've instigated changes that haven't been seen before,
    Like players won't get paid unless they actually score.

    They've given half the squad the sack,
    They've put a Martian in attack.

    But one thing's for certain he'll always get the ball,
    For he's a four-footed monster who stands at ten foot tall.

    The FA and the league have frankly had enough,
    They're busy thumbing rules to try and stop this stuff.

    The aliens meanwhile are learning chairman-speak,
    Like telling all the punters, "It's promotion you should seek",

    "For though you don't believe us though you haven't seen us play,
    By alien intervention we'll be champions come May."

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