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    County dreams. Archived Message

    Posted by Fuzzbox on 31/7/2019, 6:11 am

    Does anyone else regularly have dreams whereby Stockport County plays a huge role in them?

    Just dreamt that it was Saturday and I was getting out of bed, looked at the clock and it was 12 noon. Thought I had bags of time until 3pm, then realised it was a 12.30 kick off.

    Rushed to EP, bizarrely getting there at 11.30am, and had to queue to get my season ticket. Also in the queue was someone wanting to pay their electricity bill and a Jamaican wanting to order two pints of Guinness and to put the charge on his hotel room bill.

    Once I got to the front of the queue I had to pay another £180 surcharge admin fee to release the season tickets.

    Then got told the game was switched to a local park pitch (which turned out to be the first hole of Romiley golf course). Watched a minute or so, but as Maidenhead were playing in a bluey-purple strip, I couldn’t tell who was who. Decided to go home as the bloke next time to me kept giving me updates on how Shrewsbury and Torquay were going on.

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