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    Posted by AussieHatter on 31/7/2019, 1:16 am, in reply to "Negativity "

    Very pertinent thread, I have been reading a lot of negativity on here with growing concern, Being on the other side of the planet one is very detached and relies on YB and infrequent telephone calls to get the latest news so I am not really well placed to judge the ' mood ' as such. Looking at the squad we have and our few half dozen games, there is NOTHING there that frightens me in the least. When Matty had his dry spell last season we still found ways to win games without his contribution on the score-sheet, from what I have seen and read, Frank will ' come of age' this season, what is he 21, 22 maybe? a young fella with a LOT of talent, enthusiasm and energy, I believe he will start to pick up where Matty left off. Don't forget that we ended last season riding a wave of enthusiasm and energy, and that must be carried forward, the lads must know that we are all right behind them every step. I can't comment on season tix because I have no clue re prices vs cost of living etc and all the things that people far more cerebral than myself calculate. From my personal perspective, I would give a left leg to just get to see one game this year (and run amok in Stockport on the Robbies) :-) I may very well be a deluded exile but I really do still have high hopes and expectations for this season. Top 10 MUST be the target, after all we are STOCKPORT :-)

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