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    Posted by Imposter on 20/7/2019, 10:02 am, in reply to "Guiseley"

    I was contemplating it as I've never been and wanted to tick it off.

    But I've decided to give it a swerve.

    Been a little nerdy this morning.

    By my calculations during our time in Conference North we played on 44 grounds in league games, not including Edgeley Park. I've seen us on 38 of those grounds. The missing ones being, Barrow, Guiseley, Histon, Oxford City, Vauxhall, Workington.

    We've also played on 7 other grounds in FA Cup/FA Trophy games in that time. I've been to all of those grounds except Maidstone.

    This isn't really to boast, it's more of a personal thing to say "it's okay missing Guiseley off". Like missing 1 ground a season off, plus Maidstone is okay. I've had my fill of Conference North grounds, I've done okay/served my time in that respect.

    Now to look forward to 2-4 seasons in Conference National to try and get to the roughly half that division I've not been to.

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