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    Posted by Imposter on 19/7/2019, 6:42 pm, in reply to "Re: Wages "

    This. Very much this.

    Concentration from early on should be on continuing education and skill training (be that continuing on to A-levels/degree or learning plumbing etc..) As they come up through the ranks alongside their footballing.

    Then when they are retiring a combined effort from the PFA, League, FA, Clubs, and players to education, training, reskilling, ready for another career whether inside or outside football.

    Other than those at the very very top of the game you shouldn't have loads thrown at you so you can retire at 34.

    Like acting for example, those at the top make gazillions, the rest job around and have to stay working to pay bills, some have to go part time with the acting or even Jack it in altogether aside from local am dram and have a different job/career altogether.

    Actors tend to be more aware of this mind.

    I also have some sympathy that those who should make the changes I suggest in the top.2 paragraphs the FA, League, Clubs, PFA to a lesser degree have abysmally failed to do so. But even then there should be some awareness that,"hey, football won't last forever, I need to keep up my education and other skills".

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