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    Posted by Maximus77 on 19/7/2019, 6:26 pm

    Listening to the ďI had trials onceĒ podcast yesterday and the latest guest is Daniel Nardiello, bit of a journeyman striker who played in all four divisions. He talks about a time he was at Barnsley in the Championship, banging then in and QPR came in for him and doubled his wages. Said unless youíre a Premier League footballer you have to go where the money is, you arenít going to have enough to last in retirement so you have to drain as much as you can from the game.

    As fans I think we sometimes forget this, Iím guilty of it, and slate players for moving for money. Even if its tin pot shit heaps like Fylde.

    Seems like we are struggling to bring players in this summer. Anyone have the inside scoop on what we pay and how it compares to other clubs?

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