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    Talking of music... Archived Message

    Posted by since77 on 18/7/2019, 7:58 pm

    Late to the party I know, but watched Bohemian Rhapsody at weekend and really enjoyed it.

    What an utterly bizarre, but super talented, guy Freddie was. Was a really good watch.

    I couldnt help but go youtubing afterwards and found footage of the "Love of my Life" track from Rio in 85, sang mostly by the crowd.

    It was a magic moment...but watching it I thought how has no footie team adopted this !

    The words seem to fit what County does to us and how we feel about it.

    As footie anthems go its up their with the best of them IMO, but as far as I know unused ?

    I cant imagine the tingles if a full Cheadle End belted it out like in this video...

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