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    Posted by Doze on 4/16/2024, 7:18 am

    A situation occurred this weekend because of differences between the types of trials people may run. Specifically this occurred at Gladwin, the same practice may be employed at other coverdog venues.

    If an error is made in the original drawing, a redraw is used to remedy the error. All bracings from original drawing are voided and new bracings are listed. It is advised to check the drawings on this website to confirm bracings the day after the original running order is posted, or ask an official of the club putting on the trial.

      Re: Redraws

      Posted by Bob Wheelock on 4/16/2024, 7:35 am, in reply to "Redraws"

      I just had this discussion with another person at that trial.
      An idea: When we post the draw and provide other information for the event add a note, highlight the note, maybe bold capital letters for all participants to recheck this site for any possible redraws. This is mainly for the benefit of new folks and a reminder for the seasoned folks.

      Hughlight (or chose the text) you want to bold and then click the large B highlited in yellow.


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