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    Michigan Amateur Results

    Posted by Bob Wheelock on 4/9/2024, 8:17 am

    The club had a fantastic turnout, great weather, no one got lost and we had a number of new folks experiencing the Gladwin Grounds and wild bird field trials.

    Both days ran as smooth as could beand on time.

    A great big hand and a round of applause to Betsy Dozeman for the wonderful and filling breakfast burritos each day and the hor lunches. Sunday we were not able to coordinate a single lunch location, Betsy took care of that and we got the lunches to the right place at the right time. The entire team did a fantastic job to keep things rolling. They worked on the outside and on courses with marshalling. Eric and Ann Naus are back in full swing and marshalled nearly all day with few breaks. Add Diane Wheelock to that list, she recorded 10 miles each day on course. Rich and Jennifer Hollister on the outside keeping everything in order. Two members were in the judging saddle on Sunday and worked hard on Saturday, Marc Dozeman and Rob Ellis. We had a lot of help from the others, as always folks stepped up to keep things in line and on time.

    Not only did we get a good number of new handlers they also placed. Excepting the Puppy stake every dog pictured below had wild bird work. There were also a number of other dogs with wild bird work who did not place. We didn't get a count on birds pointed, seen or walked up, there was a good number thru out both days. 

    The Michigan Hunting Dog Classic is an event that has been run by the Amateur Club since the 90's. It's an event that has introduced many of us to the world of filed trials, myself included. This is non sanctioned event intended to introduce hunters to field trials. We run it like a Shooting Dog stake, judgement ceases at flush. We ask the judges one thing, choose dogs for placements that you would want to hunt behind. All placements in this stake had wild bird work.

    L to R
    Bill Seniura with Hazel, honorable mention, 1st place Bruce Barlow with Autumn Bliss, Scout for Autumn Bliss: Judge Rob Ellis, 2nd place Max with Dennis Parker; judge Marc Dozeman; 3rd place Blaze with Liz DeKrieger; Honorable mention Rex with Mike Lareau.

    Chuck Pagano Memorial Amateur Puppy Classic in honor of the founder of Dun Roven Kennels
    Judges in the back row, Rob King and Yuriy Federak
    1st Dun Rovens Rolling Stone Richard Hollister owner Ronald Badley handler
    2nd Siren Chris Wasserman
    3rd Lucy Shane Haskin

    Tom Butler and Rachel Van Eyke with Kelly
    Brenden Terrien judge, sort of hiding behind Travis
    Winner, Travis Whitfield and Rowdy
    Judge Ken DeLong
    Donna with Chuck Rowling

    Judge Bruce Minard
    Bob Wheelock and Bertie
    Judge Charlie Feneche
    Winner Ken DeLong and Justice running in the last brace as bye dog
    Ken Moss with Seeker

      Re: Michigan Amateur Results

      Posted by Roger Johnson on 4/9/2024, 9:51 am, in reply to "Michigan Amateur Results"

      Dido to Kit's comment. Great Trial with great folks.

      Roger Johnson

        Re: Michigan Amateur Results

        Posted by Kit on 4/9/2024, 8:57 am, in reply to "Michigan Amateur Results"

        Congratulations to the club for hosting a great event! Good write up, Bob. And congratulations to the winners!


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