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    Results 31st running Don Didcoct Memorial Classic April 4-7,2024

    Posted by Roger King on 4/8/2024, 3:33 pm

    Top Photo ASD Winners 29 dogs 1.Millie Jerry Furnish 2.Star Ed Graddy 3.Beauty Jeff Sullivan

    Middle Derby Winners 31 dogs 1 Cece Jerry Furnish 2.Good Going Tickety Brett Edstrom 3. Meg -Tim Callahan

    Bottom Open Shooting Dog Winners 29 dogs 1. Atlas Greg Johnson 2.Sadie Jordan Pharris 3. Morgan Rod Lein

    It was a pleasure being part of this trial!! Extraordinary numbers of dogs, Outstanding performances and Unbelievable volunteerism to help in any way needed. It felt like the three regional clubs are aligned well to put on a Class event for the Grand this fall. There is lots of talk and excitement generating already for that exciting trial.


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