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    Michigan Amateur Draw and Michigan Hunting Dog Draw

    Posted by Bob Wheelock on 4/2/2024, 7:24 pm

    Thanks to all the folks who entered this first trial of the season at the Gladwin Field Trial Area. The weather forecast couldn't be better, the birds around the grounds are in good shape. We will be busy, this is one of the biggest draws we've had in years and that includes about 5 entries that had to drop yesterday for various reasons.
    Saturday will be the Judd Kinne Memorial Shooting Dog Classic and the Chuck Pagano Memorial Puppy Classic.
    Saturday morning plan to meet at the Alibi Hall at 7:30. Once we have our judges and the handlers for the 1st brace we will head to course 4 to start the day. After we get the Shooting dog started the horse trailer will head to the "old" puppy course, the course we have used for the last decade and start that event.

    Sunday is the crazy day, running concurrently is the Chester Halley Memorial Derby Classic and the Michigan Hunting Dog Classic. This will be the challenge it always is, keeping things rolling and all in line.

    I request the Hunting Dog guys to be at the Alibi at 7:30 AM. Unless you are very familiar with the grounds It can be very challenging to find us once we leave the Alibi. You are welcome and encouraged to walk all the braces you care to walk, we ask that you leave you keys in your vehicle so it can be moved to the next course. We also ask, after you have run hook up with someone and leave your vehicle somewhere so it doesn't have to be moved. We move both handlers trucks first and return for the others as we can. We only have 30 minutes each brace to get this complete. Luch will be served, probably in the woods and that will be posted in a couple days, we need to finalize those details.

    The Alibi Hall, an old barn where we meet in the morning and the end of the day.
    Google Maps, type in House Lake State Forest Campground, follow the route.
    Cell phone calls are not reliable, text messages get thru better. On the map the white lines are the roads we use. It can be difficult to see but the entrance on the west end, West Gate and the east end, the East Gate will be locked. You can only enter on Joy road, straight south of the Alibi off Meredith Grade Rd.


    Judd Kinne Memorial Shooting Dog Classic

    Course: Start on 4 run thru 16

    1A Abe SM Savoy Rudd
    1B Bertie SF Bob Wheelock

    2A Casey SM Bob Leet
    2B Charlie SF Bob Wheelock

    3A Dottie ES Rob Ellis
    3B Dudley SM Ron Badley

    4A Gibby SM Lonnie R
    4B Gunner SM Steve White

    5A Indy SM Brent Peters
    5B June PF Eric Naus

    6A Stone PM JP Jones
    6B Larry SM Paula/Rob Ellis

    7A Kaia PF JP Jones
    7B Leia PFIS Mike Lareau

    8A Mac SM Marc Dozeman
    8B Magic SM Ken Moss

    9A Star SF Chuck Rowling
    9B Penny ESIS Rob Ellis

    10A Preacher SM Brent Peters
    10B Ross SM Savoy Rudd

    11A Seeker SM Ken Moss
    11B Shooter BM DeLong

    12A Paint PM Rachel Van Eyk
    12B Star SF Steve McKalco

    13A Justice PM DeLong

    Chuck Pagano Memorial Puppy Classic

    1A Stone SM Ron Badley
    1B Moe SM Chris Wasserman

    2A Sunny PF Chris Wasserman
    2B Luci SF Shane Haskin

    3A Blu SM Dennis Parker
    3B Hank SM Marc Dozeman

    4A Mae SF Mike Singleton
    4B Cooper BM Naus

    5A Siren SF Chris Wasserman
    5B bye


    Chester Halley Memorial Derby Classic

    Course: start on 6 run thru 16

    1A Sparky SM Wheelock
    1B Buck SM Chal Curtis

    2A Kelly PFIS Rachel Van Eyk
    2B Donna SF Chuck Rowling

    3A Otto SM Lonnie R
    3B Billy SM Brent Peters

    4A Stormy SF Chuck Rowling
    4B Archie SM Mike Brown

    5A Josie SF John Clough
    5B Shady PFIS Rachel Van Eyk

    6A Cooper PM David Miotto
    6B Bandit SM Mike Bandos

    7A Belle SFIS Scott Johnston
    7B Ellie SF John Stegman

    8A Able SM Ken Moss
    8B Doc SM Brent Peters

    9A Roger SM Ron Badley
    9B Stone PM JP Jones

    10A Rowdy PM Travis Whitfield
    10B Ross SM Savoy Rudd

    11A Homie SM Marc Dozeman
    11B bye

    Michigan Hunting Dog Classic
    Course: start on 1 run thru 11, we will not use course 3

    1A Pete GSPM John Clough
    1B Janna SMF Kevin Crowly

    2A King GSPM Nick Brown
    2B Rowdy PM Travis Whitfield

    3A Lily SF Bill Seniura
    3B Max SM Dennis Parker

    4A Ellie GSPF Liz DeKryger
    4B Rosie SF Tyler Miller

    5A Blaze GSPM Liz DeKryger
    5B Rex PM Mike Lareau

    6A Redbud SF Bruce Barlow
    6B Elsa SMF Kevin Crowly

    7A Kensey LSF Brian Fulcher
    7B Hazel SF Bill Seniura

    8A Autumn Bliss SF Bruce Barlow
    8B Benson BM B Bricker

    9A River GSPF Liz DeKryger
    9B Murray BM B Bricker

    10A Maggie BF Anthony Scarlin
    10B bye

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      Detail update

      Posted by Bob Wheelock on 4/5/2024, 4:47 pm, in reply to "Michigan Amateur Draw and Michigan Hunting Dog Draw"

      Coffee and breakfast burritos at the end of course 6, the end of the 3rd brave.
      Lunch at the end of course 11 prior to the start of brace 12.

      Derby lunch at end of course 12 (brace 7)

      Hunt Dog lunch at the East gate junction following the end of course 7, brace 6.

        Re: Michigan Amateur Draw and Michigan Hunting Dog Draw

        Posted by Bryan wood on 4/3/2024, 10:09 am, in reply to "Michigan Amateur Draw and Michigan Hunting Dog Draw"

        Nice trial bob


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