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    Gladwin Grounds

    Posted by Brent Peters on 4/2/2024, 7:14 am

    Mike Singleton and I would like to thank the folks that came out to clean up the courses from winter debris and to prep for spring trials. And the cleanup of the Alibi Hall. A big thank you to Ken Moss, Bob Wheelock, Mike Brown, Lonnie Rademacher, Steve McKalKo, Ken DeLong, Tammi Savage, Mike Singleton, Brent and Denise Peters.

      Re: Gladwin Grounds

      Posted by John McKellop III on 4/2/2024, 8:35 am, in reply to "Gladwin Grounds"

      Realizing the tremendous amount of work & time, both physically clearing courses & marshalling braces, & the set up, management, paperwork, & again with that, time, that goes into running a trial, I look at all those listed as being a gang of heroes!

      I see Brent, & lets not forget Denise whose there for almost everything, especially worthy of our thanks.

      Without the collective work & time of these people, & the ones managing it all, there could not be trials like you have at Gladwin. The teamwork at Gladwin is more than exemplary, it is also inspiring.

      With that said, I'd encourage more people to help with all of the clubs. No one will turn down the help, & it is greatly needed! If you're not already helping, jump in & help.

      To Brent & the Galdwin gang, thank you!


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