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    Ontario Grouse Championship and Venango Derby/Puppy Draw

    Posted by Joe Cammisa on 3/30/2024, 7:53 pm

    We will meet and leave promptly at 7:30am each morning from the Black Moshannon State Park Boat Launch on Rt 504 for The Championship, Puppy and Derby.
    Course order for The Championship is 1-2-3-4-5-6.
    Course order for the Derby will be 1-2-3-4-5-1-2-3-4-5.

    The Championship will start Wednesday April 2nd to conclusion with six(6) braces ran per day.

    The Puppy and Derby will run on Saturday April 6.

    Any questions or issues, please call me at 724-859-3908.

    Ontario Grouse Championship
    1 Mojo's Remington Steal ESF Hughes
    1 Mohawk Mill Miss You PF Stolgitis
    2 Deciding Point ESF D Hughes
    2 ChasehillPoison Ivy PF Stolgitis
    3 Grouse Hill Bella PF Forman
    3 Ralph's Chasehill Rip PM Ralph
    4 Warrior Zeke PM Hughes
    4 Cairds Cracklin Rosie PF Little
    5 A Distant Spec PF Hughes
    5 Sunkhaze Vera Masardis PF Stolgitis
    6 Roy ESM Mueller/Hughes
    6 Wildland Wild Man PM Munden
    7 Mullberry Fields Molly ESF Hughes
    7 Asper Hill Bandit ESF Cullen
    8 Duckhook PM Stolgitis
    8 Saddled Up Sadie PF Hughes
    9 Annie SF Ralph
    9 Full Breeze ESF D Hughes
    10 Wildland Sweet Caroline PF Munden
    10 Sudden Silence PF Hetrick
    11 Wayward Flying Tomato ESM Hughes
    11 Ryn SF Keller
    12 West Wind Big Jake PM Hughes
    12 Chasehill Wango Tngo PM Stolgitis
    13 Parkway PM Hughes
    13 French"s Grouse Ringer Woody ESM Forman
    14 Cairds Remi PF Little
    14 Mohawk Mill Good Advice PM Stolgitis
    15 Leslies Ellie Mae ESF Hughes
    15 Chasehill Wicked Wilma PF Stolgitis
    16 Double Deuce Zeke PM Hughes
    16 Blast Off ESM Forman
    17 Bell Stop Boomer PM Hetrick
    17 Millers Special Upgrade PF Hughes
    18 Millers Hopped Up Version PF Hughes
    18 Boomer Of Blackwater PM Stolgitis

    1 Mohawk Mill Double E PF Stolgitis
    1 Molly ESF Drawl
    2 Millers Dusty Version Pf Hughes
    2 Hattie ESF Null
    3 Mohawk Mill Miss Ellie PF Stolgitis
    3 Tick PM Poland
    4 GJF Clovis PM Freid
    4 Sunkhaze Orange Gerri PF Stolgitis
    5 Zeke ESM Mellon
    5 Shuster ESM Forman
    6 Higby Cade PM Stolgitis
    6 Lenni RSM Fazenbaker
    7 Chasehill Snoop Dog PM PF Stolgitis
    7 Lefty PF Forman
    8 Mohawk Mill Miss You PF Stolgitis
    8 DG ESF Forman/Szeweczak
    9 Sadie ESF Yant
    9 Roxy ESF Fazio

    Venango Puppy Classic
    1 Roxy ESF Fazio
    1 Wildland Nick Of Time PM Munden
    2 Mabel ESF Farrell
    2 Wildland Church On The Hill PM Munden
    3 Winston ESM Hughes
    3 Gabe ESM Forman
    4 Jaxx ESM Forman
    4 Wildland Heart Breaker PF Munden
    5 Stewie ESM Hughes
    5 Reed ESM Forman
    6 Wildland War and Peach PF Munden
    6 Joey ESM Forman
    7 Sadie ESF Yant

      Re: Ontario Grouse Championship and Venango Derby/Puppy Draw

      Posted by Jeff K on 3/31/2024, 8:25 pm, in reply to "Ontario Grouse Championship and Venango Derby/Puppy Draw"

      That is a good draw with a lot of great dogs

      Black Moshannon is proud to be holding the 3rd championship on these new and improving grounds in less than a year.

      The rain Saturday night has greatly improved scenting conditions, but has also made many of the courses sloppy. If we get the forecasted rain for the beginning of the week, rubber boots will be needed, especially on the puppy course.

      Safe travels everyone coming from a distance, see you 7:30 Wednesday morning.


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