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    The Grand & Gladwin

    Posted by John McKellop III on 11/20/2023, 11:01 am

    For this year's Grand National Grouse Championship I definitely want to give the CH winner Brian Ralph, with his Rip dog, & John Stolgitis who handled it, a huge congratulations!! And, for RU CH, Rod Lein's Merry, the same!! Great dogs that I have seen run before & I'll say for both, with the greatest affirmation, this was not just a lucky day for them. Having seen both run many times in the past, I can easily & confidently say, they are both great dogs!

    But the biggest congratulations that Id like to give would be to all of the Gladwin people who put this event on & did all of the Work.

    For us trialers, you are the unsung heroes! You do all of the work & get little to no thanks. I want you to know that even though I couldn't be there (that's a whole different story) I want to especially thank all those that helped in either small ways or big.

    A Field Trial event is actually a team effort. A regular Field Trial takes a great deal of "team effort" & work! A trial of the level of a Championship, & even beyond that, the Grand National Grouse CH, takes a tremendous amount of coordination, planning, work & as always, a massive amount of "Team effort".

    So for the entire Gladwin Team, I want to thank you & congratulate you on this tremendous undertaking that you accomplished so well!!

    I would name names, but not being there I'm sure I'd miss some. For all of you helping, please believe me, job well done!

    But before I leave this post, Id like to add the following. On the oppisite side, there are always those that complain, say their dog should have won, "it should have been done differently", this course sucks it should have been routed differently, & on & on with complaints.
    To the Gladwin "Team" & the rest of the various trial grounds teams, just let me say, most of those complainers are'nt the workers or do-ers. They are just ignorant complainers that usually don't have a clue. Often, they are just in it for themselves.

    Please continue your great work for our sport & ignore the ignorance.

    And, one final thought. I would challenge all who have rarely helped at a trial to make this same statment, at least to your local club, but hopefully to other trial ground team's, too: If there is anything that I can do to help, isn't enough. Make it stronger by saying Where can I come & help, or, What can I do to help, is what we should all be saying AND doing.

    Again, congratulations to Brian, John, Rip, Rod, Merry, the Gladwin "Team", & all of the other various grounds teams! The "Teams" are what makes our sport happen. Get out & help them! Be a part of them!

      Re: The Grand & Gladwin

      Posted by Jeff Sullivan on 11/28/2023, 12:22 pm, in reply to "The Grand & Gladwin"

      It was my first time running dogs on the Gladwin grounds. All I can say is wow, what a fantastic area. Even more impressive were the folks I had the privilege of meeting. As Steve Snyder was quick to point out, Tammy Chaffee sure did enjoy yelling at me during one of her braces. lol!

        Re: The Grand & Gladwin

        Posted by Roger Johnson on 11/21/2023, 3:42 pm, in reply to "The Grand & Gladwin"

        Hi John.. Couldn't let this one go.. Just prior to the Championship announcement from Brian Wood, I was sitting with Doc Holmes going over the running (82 dogs) making our best guess as to who would be on the podium. Doc hit it right on the nose. Rip and Merry.. Can't get better than that unless it's Smoked Grouse Legs. (Have to ask John Stolgitis about that one)...

        Congrats to John and Rod.. I can't recall enjoying a Grand more than this years..

        Roger J

        Roger Johnson

          Re: The Grand & Gladwin

          Posted by John Stolgitis on 11/21/2023, 5:03 pm, in reply to "Re: The Grand & Gladwin"

          Thanks Roger,it was a fun time we are still awaiting dna confirmation but I am pretty sure you guys were separated at birth.

            Re: The Grand & Gladwin

            Posted by Bert B on 11/21/2023, 3:58 pm, in reply to "Re: The Grand & Gladwin"

            Smoked grouse legs, they are wonderful, until you know how they get so many. ( gotta ask Johnny)

              Re: The Grand & Gladwin

              Posted by Jeff K on 11/21/2023, 8:24 pm, in reply to "Re: The Grand & Gladwin"

              I'm not asking how he got them, but hope he saves a few and brings them along to the Ontario championship in April.

            Re: The Grand & Gladwin

            Posted by John Stolgitis on 11/20/2023, 4:55 pm, in reply to "The Grand & Gladwin"

            John ,thanks for the kind words.Rip is certainly a nice dog and I am happy for Brian that his first championship as an owner was the grand with 82 dogs.You seemed to capture the work and the efforts of the Michigan Gladwin crew with out even being there.Led by GNC President Tom Fruchey the trial ran smoother than any I had been at.Stake manager and newly legend of the Coverdog and Michigan Director Brian Wood had things running like a Rolex.Announcing every brace organizing Marshall’s and car movers it was seem less.Team Hollister having the horses and trailer where it needed to be was unbelievable. The group of marshals and car movers were incredible and the end of day hanging around the impromptu tailgate parties was memorable,to sip on a bottle with Wayne Fruchey,Roger Johnson,newly recognized legend Doc Holmes and
            all the other Michigan cre made it very memorable.They certainly put on a great trial.Many Thanks John Stolgitis


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