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    BGDC Wolvering Derby Classic

    Posted by T Fruchey on 10/15/2023, 9:49 pm

    The Beaverton Grouse Dog Club's Wolverine Derby Classic will begin Saturday afternoon October 21st at a time to be announced later this week. We would like to get 4 braces in on Saturday and finish on Sunday, but that will be subject to change as the trial progresses

    Wolverine Derby Classic Draw:
    Dogs Name brd Sex Handler
    1a Archie s m Brown
    1b buttons p m S Forman
    2a Princess s f S Forman
    2b Josie s f Clough
    3a Mac s m Forman
    3b Mi Henery s m DeWald
    4a Belle s f S Forman
    4b Reba s f Benshoof
    5a Tilly s f Hollister
    5b Snyders Bonnie Parker s f Chaffee
    6a Hifives Hammering Hank p m Minard
    6b Ponderosa Ace s m S Chaffee
    7a Hifives Rolling Stone p m Minard
    7b Wally p m M Forman
    8a Synders big nose kate s f T Chaffee
    8b Red s f Hollister
    9a Dexter s m Rosario
    9b Hattie s f Hollister
    10a Zeeva p f M Forman
    10b Moss Meadow Ellie s f Stegman
    11a Moss Meadow Able s m Moss
    11b Mia Star s f McKalko
    12a Homie s m Dozeman
    12b Doc S m Peters
    13a Lefty p f M Forman
    13b Minie s f Fruchey
    14a Mac Sullivan s m T Chaffee
    14b Billy s m Peters

      Re: BGDC Wolvering Derby Classic

      Posted by doze on 10/16/2023, 10:04 am, in reply to "BGDC Wolvering Derby Classic"

      Do you know what course Derby will be starting on, or is that TBD when starting time is announced?


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