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    Northern Michigan Cover Dog CH

    Posted by T Fruchey on 10/15/2023, 9:39 pm

    The Beaverton Grouse Dog club's Northern Michigan Cover Dog Championship will begin this Tuesday October 17. We will be using all 16 courses starting Tuesday morning at 8am sharp. Courses will be run in order and we will start the next day where ever we leave off. We will run no more than 8 hours in a day. The winners will be announced at our annual steak fry to be held after the days running on Saturday, all participants and spectators are welcome to attend.

    Dogs Name b s Handler
    1a Grouse Hill bullet proof s m S Forman
    1b Thorn Apple Cody s m Minard
    2a Fireside Sally Forth s f T Chaffee
    2b Grouse Ridge Mags s f S Forman
    3a EJ Jonesy s m S Chaffee
    3b Warriors mean Louie p m Kivikko
    4a Synders fireside Ed s m T Chaffee
    4b A Distant Spec p f Hughes
    5a Hifives Power Line p m Minard
    5b Millers Special Upgrade p f Hughes
    6a Grouse Ridge Larry s m Hollister
    6b Buster s m Holmes
    7a Jarsway Leroy s m Hughes
    7b Resin s m Mforman
    8a Speed Dialing Kaia p f Minard
    8b Redrum Rosie p f Hughes
    9a Warriors Zeke p m hughes
    9b Hifives Ruff Runner p m Minard
    10a Bundys buckeye Molly s f Erne
    10b Shady Hills Zena p f M Forman
    11a Doouble duece Zeke p m Hughes
    11b Meredith Grade Corky s m T Chaffee
    12a Shady Hills Whiskey Bonfire s m S Forman
    12b Bragabull p f Hughes
    13a Sycamore Creek Cody s m Erne
    13b MountainTop Ryn s f M Forman
    14a Rowlings Star s f S Forman
    14b Timberdoodle Farms Sal p f M Forman
    15a Wayward Flying Tomato s m Hughes
    15b Pistol patch Bullet p m S Forman
    16a Westwind Big Jake p m Hughes
    16b Moss Meadow Seeker s m Moss
    17a Meredith Grade Penny s f S chaffee
    17b Dunroven Soozee s f Hollister
    18a Grouse Hill Pepper s F S Forman
    18b Dottie s f Ellis
    19a Backwoods wildfire Blaze p m Hughes
    19b Stan s m Fruchey
    20a Mulberry Fields Molly s f hughes
    20b Wild apple Siri p f Minard
    21a Game Winner s m Hughes
    21b Frenches Grouse River Woody s m M Forman
    22a Millers Hopped up Version p f Hughes
    22b Synders Sadie s f T Chaffee
    23a BK Rolling Dice p f Minard
    23b Setter Ridge Flash Forward s f Scott Chaffee
    24a Peach s f Holmes
    24b Springpods Rockin Sydney s f T Chaffee
    25a Hifives on the Rocks p f Minard
    25b Back Creek Lucy s f Hollister
    26a Hifives Top Shelf p f Minard
    26b Mojos Remington Steel s f Hughes
    27a kalamity Cinder is F Sloan
    27b Blast Off s m M Forman
    28a Kits Whiskey Creek patsy s f S Chaffee
    28b Penny s f Ellis
    29a Full Breeze s f Hughes
    29b Flambeau River Meg s f Colglazier
    30a Deciding Point s f Hughes
    30b Pinestraw Flatbottom Girl s f Ash
    31a Justice p m DeLong
    31b Cate Rocket Girl Remi s f Erne
    32a Sumacs Sashay p f Hughes
    32b Flambeau River Annie s f Colglazier

      Re: Northern Michigan Cover Dog CH

      Posted by Tom on 11/1/2023, 11:23 am, in reply to "Northern Michigan Cover Dog CH"

      Has anyone posted the wnners of this trial?

        Re: Northern Michigan Cover Dog CH

        Posted by Tom Fruchey on 10/17/2023, 8:27 pm, in reply to "Northern Michigan Cover Dog CH"

        Tuesday October 17:
        We got 7 braces completed today, will be starting brace 8 on course #15 at 8am Wed Morning.


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