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    Contagious dog disease cancels 3 Championships

    Posted by John McKellop III on 10/12/2023, 12:19 pm

    In order to not get too confused, please read these posts in the timeline that they were posted. Not the order that is shown on the board.

    I debated greatly if I would post something about this. I do not believe I'm an alarmist, but if you've gone thru what I have the last week or so, you'd understand my concern. And how it could effect your dog in the future.
    Essentially, while trialing in Wisconsin, 1 of my Pointers, Bud, almost died from a Kennel cough disease. (Kennel cough is a generic term for symptoms resulting from about 7 different viruses, most that we have vaccines for & all of my dogs are vaccined from, & 3 bacteria strains, of which there are presently no vaccines). I'm over $11K in Vet bills, but I believe all of my Pointers are clear of this, & Bud, who was the worst, by far, hit with this, is now perky & jogging around the yard again. The future will tell if he received permanent lung damage, & of course a hit to his athleticism. We will see. The storm has past, & we're seeing the sun shine again.
    At the end I will list the 2 bacteria that caused Bud's severe lung hemorraging & pneumonia.
    You really should read, research the 2 bacteria, & make adjustments to your trialing.. Don't stop, just think about things on how to prevent. 1 of the bacteria, I read, indicates that it is relatively new & is creating pockets of breakouts. With high mortality rates! The next few posts will be my cut & paste from my notes to the Wisconsin clubs today.

    The response from people concerning Bud's disease, a Kennel cough type of severe bacterial lung infection, that there is no vaccine for, has been overwhelming!!. I've been overwhelmed by the response & want to thank everyone for their thoughts & go fund me donations (I'm requesting no more donations). Actually, 2 bacteria, that in tandem are contagious, quick acting, have a high mortality rate. From the time Bud starting coughing some at bed time, to the next early morning, a week or so back,he was foaming, coughing out spittle, throwing up, & had rapid, shallow breathing. About an hour later he was foaming blood & spittle coughing from his lungs (hemorrhaging in lungs). Within 3 hours (long drive) he was at an emergency Vet clinic near St Paul, MN. He could stand, wobbly, but couldn't walk. He had to be carried in. His blood oxygen level was very low. Immediately placing him on Oxygen (many days), IVs, meds, antibiotics, multiple Xrays, etc, I am sure, saved him. Literature that I've researched said at onset of the bleeding stage, mortality often occurs within 24 to 48 hours! The rest of the team (5) started coughing & hacking out the same foamy, slimy junk, but not blood, a few days later. You must understand the progression of this. Until Bud's disease panel cultures came back & I received the results showing the 2 bacteria, 6 days after going into the clinic, we thought Bud's problem was due to a chest injury, seen slamming full speed into a log, the day prior. Initial Xray’s had shown hemorrhaging in the lungs.

      Re: Contagious dog disease cancels 3 Championships

      Posted by Roger Johnson on 10/13/2023, 2:31 pm, in reply to "Contagious dog disease cancels 3 Championships"

      Well Done John.... Glad to hear that your string is doing OK. I spent a couple of hours yesterday with Sidney (Braced with Bud) and she's doing great (even killed a bird for her). Going to miss you at the Grand.

      Roger J

      Roger Johnson

        Re: Contagious dog disease cancels 3 Championships

        Posted by John McKellop III on 10/12/2023, 12:32 pm, in reply to "Contagious dog disease cancels 3 Championships"

        Again, no need to support financially, just your words of support have brought me more happiness & optimism than you could imagine!! For those that donated to the go fund me, you are definitely special! Thank you!! There is no need for any more financial support, though. Everyone realizing, with 3 CHs being canceled because if this, isn't my fault, it could have happened to anyone, & I immediately made the immediate trial community aware, I still feel sick over this. Not just for myself, but even more so for all those affected.

        1 last thought. You MN, WI & MI trialers better look out next year! The team is going to train harder, more efficiently, smarter, & longer! We're going to whoop your butts!
        And again, thank you for all of the kind words & support!

        John McKellop

          Re: Contagious dog disease cancels 3 Championships

          Posted by John McKellop III on 10/12/2023, 12:37 pm, in reply to "Re: Contagious dog disease cancels 3 Championships"

          Text copied here from one of the Clinic Vets on my request for something to send everyone:

          Hi John-once again the isolates for Buddy were

          Mycoplasma cynis

          Streptococcus equi zooepidemicus

          The antibiotics for Buddy will be Clavamox and Baytril.
          Good luck and take care-Susan Antes DVM
          Dr Amber Vitalo is taking over Buddy's care from me this morning.

            Re: Contagious dog disease cancels 3 Championships

            Posted by John McKellop III on 10/12/2023, 1:06 pm, in reply to "Re: Contagious dog disease cancels 3 Championships"

            I am not goiung to begin to tell or suggest to dog people what to do. Only say what I'm going to do in the future. You do what you want with any of this. I would ask though, that you all research these 2 bacterias. Don't just read 1 or 2 things on each. I'd suggest reading 4 or 5 research articles on each. Then form an opinion. Some of the things that I read were: new or recent outbreaks, combination of the 2 were often found in worst cases, rapid onset, there's presently no vaccines, possible horse component with the one, & many other things that tell me, that even though Ive done everything right with my dogs, as I would have thought in the past. I am not going to quit trialing & do not want anyone else to either. But here are the things I'm going to do in the futured:

            Never will I place one of my dogs in someone elses dog crate unless I specifically know the prior 2 weeks background on that crate. Never will I place my dog in a common use dog trailer at continuous course trials. Never will I stake out or walk my dogs in commonly used dog stake out areas. And, because of the slight possibility of a horse component involved (again stressing only remote), I will not have my dogs in & aroung the horse stake out areas.
            I WILL keep trialing. Maybe even with more ferver, if that's possible. I will have my dogs adjacent to other dogs on the starting lines, but not more than that. I will continue to use my same high sanitation & vaccine schedules (which is strong on both).

            Again, I'm not telling or suggesting what you should do, just what I am going to do going forward.
            Please don't think about resigning from the trial community. Maybe just think about keeping this disease contained & not in your dogs.

            One last thing. none of the clubs did anything wrong, what so ever!! If anyone thinks on that line, you are WRONG! I'm very supportive of their erring on the side of caution & cancelling the 3 CHs. I feel sick over that, but that's what people do that have common sense. Not the stupid conspiracy theories type of people that come up with some bogus junk, with no facts.

            The trial community, with me, has been extremely supportive. Thank youfrom the bottom of my families heart!

            As I said in my one cut & paste. The cover dog trials next year better look out, my team plans on working harder (if that's possible), longer, more intelligently, & starting earlier. We're going to kick some butt!

            John McKellop III

          Re: Contagious dog disease cancels 3 Championships

          Posted by John McKellop III on 10/12/2023, 12:28 pm, in reply to "Contagious dog disease cancels 3 Championships"

          My dogs have been quarantined for 4 to 6 weeks now. Our season is done. We're home now. Due to the contagious aspects of the 2 bacteria, all other dogs, who were at both trial grounds, were suggested to be quarantined for 2 weeks following, if showing NO symptoms.
          This has been a nightmare! Over $11K now, isn't the biggest part. It was the possibility of losing part of the Team. Our family is deeply attached to all of our dogs (8 Pointers).
          It's awful to lose any dog, but 18-month-old Bud has won derby events when a pup, SD when now a derby, & I was presently running him in CHs '
          -at 18 months old! I don't run dogs in a CH unless very capable of winning! Bud was!!
          We don't know where/who/exactly when Bud contracted the 2 bacteria. One can be transmitted from horses, too. The incubation stage takes it back to a trial that had many horses, of which Bud was in very close proximity to, unfortunately eating some fresh horse muffins, as well as in many other dogs boxes & a trial transfer dog trailer for the continuous courses. I'm not saying that's where the donor dog &/or horse was at. We simply don't know. Bear hounds fought a bear right at the club house yard, Wolves are very abundant in the vicinity, other dogs are in the area. The problem is, with having no vaccine presently for these bacteria, & we don't know which dog it came from, could even be a asymptomatic dog. This is a severe problem that I didn't start & as soon as I got the disease results, I immediately raced to the present trial grounds to notify. This could have happened to any of us. I hope you never experienced this. The literature mentioned that when this happens, dogs have been found dead in their box with foam exuding from their mouth.


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