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    Region 13 Walking Shooting Dog Championship DRAW

    Posted by Bob Wheelock on 9/26/2023, 7:30 pm

    Thank you all for the entries, we are ready to roll the fall trial season on the Gladwin Grounds.

    The Championship starts Friday at 8 AM, course 1 at the bird field.
    In the saddle are two prominent, winning professional handlers and trainers. These guys step forward often to sit in the saddle all across the Coverdog world. A big thanks to Robert Ecker and Scott Forman.

    Friday and Saturday we will have a short break following the 2nd brace and lunch following the 4th brace

    We will run courses in the following order, 7 braces each day: 1-2, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16

    1A Angel's Envy SF Wheelock
    1B Stan the Man SM Tom Fruchey

    2A Vitale's Grouse Ringer Pappy SM Gary Vitale
    2B Pinestraws Cover Queen SF Rob Ellis

    3A Flambeau River Meg SF Joe Colglazier
    3B Baxter's Indian Arrowhead SM Brent Peters

    4A Flambeau River Annie SF Joe Colglazier
    4B Hackberry's Elhew Luke SM Mike Bandos

    5A Double Duece Oscar PM McMillen/Gomes
    5B Tupelo Honey SF Wheelock

    6A One Acre Wood Lucky PF Trey Rector
    6B Double Duece Jack PM McMillen/Gomes

    7A Ash Creek Tug SM Jerry Burke
    7B Cal Peak 100th Meridian PM McMillen/Gomes

    8A Pinestraw Fat Bottom Girl SF Dale Ash
    8B Blue Ribbon Harper PF Marty Festa

    9A Thornapple Casey SM Bob Leet
    9B Double Duece Zeke PM McMillen/Gomes

    10A Ponderosa's Copper Penny SF Rob Ellis
    10B Double Duece Sage SFIS McMillen/Gomes

    11A Gibby SM Lonnie Rademacher
    11B Vitale's Grouse Ringer Shiner SM Gary Vitale

    12A Spec SF Craig Merlington
    12B Moss Mac Daddy SM Marc Dozeman

    13A Back Creek Lucy SF Sean McKellop
    13B Travel Alert SM Harold Holmes

    14A Grouse Ridge Larry SM Sean McKellop
    14B Bruno's Piney Run Pearl BF Marty Festa

    Puppy will run Saturday morning starting after the 1st brace break away of the Champiomship

    Judges are Marc Dozeman and Abe Downer

    1A Pinyon PF Sarah Gomes
    1B Cash SM Kit Foster

    2A Salute SM Gary Vitale
    2B Serenity SF Jenny Kurz

    3A Sunny PF Chris Wasserman
    3B Hailey SF Jenny Kurz

    4A Bandit SM Mike Bandos
    4B Jasmine SF Jenny Kurz

    5A Sparky SM Wheelock

    Sunday is Derby day, Christy Forman and Sean McKellop in the saddle.
    Course order, 4,5,6,7,8,9

    1A Brew SM Gary Vitale
    1B Minnie SF Tom Fruchey

    2A Belle SF Scott Johnson
    2B Breeze SF Chris Wasserman

    3A Doc Holiday SM Brent Peters
    3B Mia Star SF McKalko/Najor

    4A Wild Bill SM Brent Peters
    4B Otto SM Lonnie Rademacher

    5A Jacob Star SM McKalko/Najor
    5B Homie SM Marc Dozeman

    6A Archie SM Mike Brown
    6B Sunny PF Chris Wasserman

      Champion Plaque

      Posted by Bob on 9/27/2023, 6:30 pm, in reply to "Region 13 Walking Shooting Dog Championship DRAW"

      The Champion and RUCH will receive one of these plaques following the conclusion of the trial.

        Re: Champion Plaque

        Posted by Doze on 9/27/2023, 9:47 pm, in reply to "Champion Plaque"

        Bob if I’m fortunate to win or place, can I get a plaque with my name and dog on it instead of yours? 😉


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