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    Posted by Bert B on 9/20/2023, 7:11 pm

    It's unfathomable that Judges are badmouthed in an Amateur Stake, but by a Pro,

    Either we ALL SUPPORT THIS SPORT, or it's going away before our eyes. Just because Said Pro, thought he should've gotten a placement, and didn't. Heck, it might've been 10 or 15 years ago, are yoh fxxking kidding me. Some of the fairest, knowledgeable, AND UNBIASED guys are getting chastised to a Pros clients, ABSOLUTE STUPIDITY He complains about the judges other people secure and you wonder what others say privately about the Biased people he gets to judge, hmmmmmm seems we have some silly hypocrites amongst us.

    MAYBE , start slapping these guys,with sanctions, bans, fines, or just get them away from this sport. amateur, Pro, guys just starting in this great sport, or Pros in the HOF. THIS BXLLSH$T HAS TO STOP


      Posted by Bert for President on 9/21/2023, 10:29 am, in reply to "THIS HAS TO STOP"

      Bert you are an A**hole with ears but I still like ya.

        Re: THIS HAS TO STOP

        Posted by Raygubernat on 9/21/2023, 6:37 pm, in reply to "Re: THIS HAS TO STOP"

        Impugning judges in public is one of the stupidest things a field trialer, pro or amateur, can do. It changes nothing and pisses off not only the judge or official that was vilified, but also whomever asked that person to officiate. Any pro that publicly disparages a judge is a LOSER, in my opinion and I would not put a dog with them. Also, not every person has the moral backbone to ignore an A$$hole handler and just judge the dog.

        If you do not agree with a judge's evaluation of your dog....don't run under them again. Simple. If you don't like the judges a particular club picks or the terrain the trial is held on...don't go there. Simple.


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