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    2022 Grand National Champion

    Posted by John Stolgitis on 11/6/2022, 3:00 pm

    Russell is the reporter of record for the Grand National but I thought I would write a report from my point of view.

    The winner of the 80th Grand National Championship is Springbrook Maximus owned and handled by Russell Oglivie.

    This years champion came from the 15th brace of the trial and ran on the golden rod course.Max is an eight year old white and liver pointer that is deep chested and built very ruggedly.Russell purchased Max as an eight week old puppy from Chasehill Kennels.Max came from a breeding George Hetrick did with his Riley bitch bred to 19ch 19 ru Chasehill Little Bud.Russell developed this dog to be a grouse dog from an early age.For those of who donít know Russell he is a true amateur,he works a job that requires 12 hour swing shifts. When not working he is usually working,running dogs or hunting.He is president of the mid coast bdc,secretary of the Maritime BDC and helps or reports at most New England Trials.He became a director of the GNG last year and took his responsibilities very seriously.He worked in concert with Lloyd Murray and Tony Bly on several work parties this summer in order to prepare the grounds for this yearís event.He also took a weeks vacation to report the GNG championship this year,walking every brace of trial on the most rugged courses in all of field trials.Max is hunted as often as Russell can get out.He is superb grouse dog and I have shot dozens of grouse over him hunting with Russell. I donít ever remember Max going birdless in Kilkenny.Max is no stranger to the winners circle he has won and been runner up in the Northeast Grouse championship,and was ru in the southern ne woodcock championship as well as many other placements.Max was braced with Cairds Remi in the championship and they broke away in warm dry conditions,actually was record warmth this week.Max broke away with power and desire he ran along the fir swamp edge digging in and popping out periodically he had an unproductive at 5 where a bird had been hanging out in the previous futurity.He stopped again at 8 and Russell thought he had heard a bird leave but didnít call it and collared Max away.Later judge Ralph had said he thought he had heard a bird and was waiting for Russell to call it.After this you leave the best bird cover and head into mature pole timber and likely no birds.Max powered forward and his bell fell silent as we marched up the hill.Max was spotted up ahead on point in the wide open,the brace mate was hunting the area as Russell approached cautiously waiting to see what unfolded as he was already riding an unproductive.As he approached a big drummer roared out and Russell screamed bird!!!,Brian Ralph commented now thatís how you call bird.Released Max powered forward again in the warm dry conditions running at the edge of his bell but still in contact with Russell.Towards the end of the hour on golden rod you pass back by the breakaway where all the bird cover is.Max recognizing the cover dove back down to fir swamp edge and out of bell hearing for a couple minutes.Russell dispatched his scout to look for him, as time ticked down Russell came down to search certain he had stopped.Meanwhile Remi enters the area and began hunting,her bell stopped so now Russell located Remi in hopes that Max is there.They flush a grouse in front of Remi and shoot over her and as they collar her they see Max still with a bird in front of him.The end of an exciting Grand National Championship performance!!!!

    Congratulations Russell

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      Re: 2022 Grand National Champion

      Posted by Roger Johnson on 11/7/2022, 2:59 pm, in reply to "2022 Grand National Champion "

      VERY NICE REPORT JOHN.. Wish I could have been there. However your reporting on the winner gave me a minds eye of how exciting this brace must have been. I'll bet the Judges were happy also.

      Congratulations to Russell, And yourself on the RU.

      Roger J.

      Roger Johnson

        Re: 2022 Grand National Champion

        Posted by Lanny on 11/7/2022, 8:29 am, in reply to "2022 Grand National Champion "

        Nice write up, nobody works harder. Congratulations again to both of you.

          Re: 2022 Grand National Champion

          Posted by Bob Little on 11/7/2022, 7:46 am, in reply to "2022 Grand National Champion "

          Great write-up John. Congratulations to Russell and you on two great performances by Max and Butch.

            Re: 2022 Grand National Champion

            Posted by Kevin Lahoda on 11/6/2022, 7:02 pm, in reply to "2022 Grand National Champion "

            Awesome tribute. No other sport gets me as excited to read about.

            Congrats to Russell and Max. Sounds like a well deserved win. It must have been an exciting brace, especially with that last bird sealing the deal.


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