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    Grand National Grouse Ch Draw

    Posted by T Fruchey on 10/27/2022, 8:26 pm

    Grand National Grouse Championship
    80th Running November1 , 2022
    Berlin, NH
    Start Time 8:00am each Morning
    Courses: 1.Deer Mountain, 2.Lonesome Ridge. 3.Golden rod, 4. Pancake Break for lunch
    5. Moose Horn, 6. Ammo

    Brace Dog's Name B/S Owner Handler
    1. Snyders Fireside Ed s/m Snyder T Chaffee
    1. Lightning Flash Remington s/m M Forman

    2. Braeval Skye is/f McCluskey McCluskey
    2. Full Breeze s/f Brenneman Hughes

    3. Stokelys B Ricky s/m Bly Bly
    3. Chasehill Hidden Jewel p/f Terada Stolgitis

    4. Shady Hills Zena p/f M Forman
    4. Sweet Southern Belle s/f Wilkins Little

    5. Hifives Top Shelf p/f Minard
    5. Snuff Mill Riley s/f Dellinger Dellinger

    6. Deciding Point s/f Brenneman Hughes
    6. Moose Look Mac s/m McNulty McNulty

    7. Upper Ammonoosuc Ivy p/f S Forman
    7. Grouse Hill Pepper p/f S Chaffee

    8. Thornapple Cody s/m Leet Minard
    8. Pauceks Little Tommy tucker s/m Short Short

    9. Wynot Roscoe p/m Robbins Robbins
    9. Chasehill Poison Ivy p/f Raiano Stolgitis

    10. French’s Grouse Ringer Woody s/m M Forman
    10. Hattie s/f Kennedy Kennedy

    11 Hifives Powerline p/m Minard
    11. Flycast Rollie Fingers s/m S Chaffee

    12. Braeval Ghillie is/m McCluskey McCluskey
    12. Cairds Little Macy Mae p/f Little Little

    13. Daddy’s Little Boy Butch p/m Scott Stolgitis
    13. BK Rolling Dice p/f Minard

    14. Stan s/m Ghost Train Kennels Fruchey
    14. Bakers River Mountain Man s/m M Forman

    15. Cairds Remi p/f Little Little
    15. Springbrooks Maximus p/m Ogilvie Ogilvie

    16. Setter Ridge Flash Forward s/f S Chaffee
    16. Neo s/f Dubriske

    17. Chase Hill Little Izzy p/f E Stolgitis Stolgitis
    17. Snyders Sadie s/f Snyder T Chaffee

    Brace Dogs Name B/S Owner Handler

    18. Pistol Patch Bullet p/m S Forman
    18. Hifives Rough Runner p/m Minard

    19. Grouse Hill Bullet Proof s/m S Forman
    19. Cold Creek Rip s/m Dubriske

    20. Elhew Snake Dancer p/f Keddy Doherty
    20. Fireside Sally Forth s/f T Chaffee

    21. Cairds Dreaming of Jeannie p/f Little Little
    21. Vitali’s Grouse Ringer Pappy s/m S Forman

    22. Elhew Snakewood p/m Doherty Doherty
    22. Panola Bacon p/m Stidham Stolgitis

    23. Meredith Grade Corky s/m Keysor Chaffee
    23. Shadyhills Whiskey Bonfire s/m S Forman

    24. Duck Hook p/m Straub/Flewelling Stolgitis
    24. Lightning Flash Billy Sue s/f M Forman

    25. Oscar Robinson s/m S Forman
    25. Calamity Cinder RS/F Minard

    26. Cairds Cracklin Rosie p/f Little Little
    26. Long Gone Porky s/m Murray Murray

    27. Wizards Cas Dubh s/m Hathaway Hathaway
    27. Blast Off s/m M Forman

    28. Super Storm Nell s/f Dubriske

      Re: Grand National Grouse Ch Draw

      Posted by Jim Harris on 10/30/2022, 12:16 am, in reply to "Grand National Grouse Ch Draw"

      Nice line up of dogs!


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