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    NY Grouse Ch Draw

    Posted by Bill Ballin on 9/11/2022, 6:33 pm

    Day One
    1a) Little Miss Margaret-PF-Stolgitis
    1b) Double Deuce Zeke-PM-M Hughes

    2a)Jar's Way Leroy-ESM-D Hughes
    2b)Shady Hill's Whiskey Bonfire-ESM-S Forman

    3a) Lighting Flash Remmington-ESM-M Forman
    3b)A Distant Spec-PF-M Hughes

    4a)Chasehill Little Izzy-PF-Stolgitis
    4b)Vitali's Grouse Ringer Pappy-ESM-S Forman

    5a)Witch City Charlie-ESM-Levesque
    5b)Sumac's Sashay-PF-M Hughes

    6a)Double Deuce Sage-PF-D Hughes
    6b)Chasehill Poison Ivy-PF-Stolgitis

    Day Two

    1a)Full Breeze-ESM-M Forman
    1b)Grouse Hill Bullet Proof-ESM-S Forman

    2a)Blast Off-ESM-M Forman
    2b)I'll Be Back-ESM-M Hughes

    3a)Cinder-RSF Levesque
    3b)Upper Ammonoosuc Ivy-PF(IS)-S Forman

    4a) Panola Bacon-PM-Stolgitis
    4b)Anna Lake Samantha-ESF-D Hughes

    5a)Warrior Zeke-PM-M HUghes
    5b)French's Grouse Ringer Woody-ESM-M Forman

    6a)Daddys Little Boy Butch-PM-Stolgitis
    6b)Miller's Hopped Up Version-PF-M Hughes

    Day Three
    1a)Game Winner-ESM-D Hughes
    1b)Duck Hook-PM-Stolgitis

    2a)Pistol Patch Bullet-PM-S Forman
    2b)Bragabull-PM-M Hughes

    3a)Lightning Flash Billie Sue-ESF-M Forman
    3b)Deciding Point-ESF-D Hughes

    4a)Grouse Ridge Mags-ESF-S Forman
    4b)Chasehill Hidden Jewel-PF-Stolgitis

    5a) Oscar Robinson-ESM-Ghem
    5b)Wayward Flying Tomato-ESM-M HUghes

      Re: NY Grouse Ch Draw

      Posted by Terry Leverett on 9/12/2022, 2:55 am, in reply to "NY Grouse Ch Draw"

      Good luck to all


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