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    Second Kilkenny Work Day

    Posted by Lloyd Murray on 8/1/2022, 6:21 am

    There will be another Kilkenny work day/ course cleaning ( and cutting ) day/ this coming Sunday Aug. 7th. We meet at The headquarters area at the beginning of The Kilkenny Loop Road at 7 am. WE have plenty of work to do getting all ready for The Grouse Futurity and The Grand National. Call me with any questions; 603-723-4020

      Re: Second Kilkenny Work Day

      Posted by Lloyd Murray on 8/8/2022, 5:33 am, in reply to " Second Kilkenny Work Day"

      Yesterday, Sun. Aug 7 we took another bite out of the course, cleaning, rerouting and marking for the upcoming wild bird trials in Kilkenny. We STILL have more to do. I want to Thank those who gave up their Sunday, on perhaps the hottest day of the summer! It was brutal. First Russell Olglivie who got there at Daybreak to finish the "new" Deer Mt. course before he joined The team of Tony Bly and Jamie Leitch, who had the Ammonousac course. Team two ( Bob Lang, and Peter Sperin and myself ) had to finish the new part and some of the old on Goldenrod .We walked up a brood of grouse on the new part! We need to reconfigure Pancake to eliminate the dead zone after you cross the swamp at about 35 minute mark. This will require some 1.) recon 2.) cutting. The Beaver Hole derby course needs some love as do several other derby courses. The good news is it cannot possibly get any hotter on future work parties. We will post when we can come up with another work day. Again, Thank you to "The Kilkenny Warriors" !


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