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    Kilkenny Work Day

    Posted by Lloyd Murray on 6/24/2022, 5:44 am

    We are going to have our annual Kilkenny work day, (course clean up ) on Sat. July 23. We meet at the headquarters area, at the beginning of The Kilkenny Loop road, at 7 am. Please bring whatever equipment you have, chainsaws, loppers, whackers etc all. This year we are hosting the Grand National Grouse Futurity AND The Grand National Grouse Championship. We lost the Deer Mt course due to logging. I want to commend Northeast Directors John Stolgitis and Russel Oglive for spending yesterday ( June 23 ) in the woods of Kilkenny laying out one new course, and tweeking some others. Much more needs to be done! We saw broods of grouse on every course we went to ! If some of you want to volunteer some time but cannot make the work day or days, email me ( ) and we can try and build small teams to go in and poke away at it during the week. We saw a dead moose also. Note, the bugs were not to bad! The grouse were just a bit smaller then quail but flying good.

      Re: Kilkenny Work Day

      Posted by Lloyd Murray on 7/16/2022, 6:11 am, in reply to "Kilkenny Work Day"

      A week from today ( sat. July 23 ) is our annual course cleaning work day, many hands make for light work ! If you like to run wild bird trials, keep in mind this work has to be done. I know it is hot and buggy, but wild bird field trialers are tough !!!We will meet at the beginning of The Kilkenny Loop Road at 7 am. These courses will be used for The New England Open Grouse Championship ( Sept 20 to conclusion ) and The Bill Kearns memorial open derby classic, plus The Grand National Grouse Futurity, starting Sun. Oct.30 followed by "The Grand National Grouse Championship, starting Tuesday Nov. 1st. email me with any questions or call 603-723-4020

        Re: Kilkenny Work Day

        Posted by Lloyd Murray on 7/24/2022, 8:48 am, in reply to "Re: Kilkenny Work Day"

        We had our first Kilkenny course work day yesterday July 23. We could have had a hotter day, but I doubt it! I want to "Thank", Tony Bly, Art Hembrough, Jamie Leitch, Kelly Hays, Peter Sperin, Deb Kennedy and Mike Gauthier for swinging saws, wackers and loppers in close to 90 degree heat. You guys are THE REAL DEAL ! We got a couple of courses completely done ( the new version of Lonesome Ridge ) and Moosehorn. We also got part of the new version of Goldenrod done...but ran into a pine swamp from hell ! I want to Thank John Stolgitis and Russel Olglivie for going in last week and working on the NEW Deer MT course. Lots more needs to be done. and we will have another work day to attempt to finish it. We will post particulars when info is available.


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