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    Michigan Coverdogs of the Year

    Posted by Bob Wheelock on 6/15/2022, 5:32 pm

    Michigan Coverdogs of the Year, summer of 2021 thru Spring of 2022., Gladwin Field Trial Area, Meredith Michigan. To qualify for these titles dogs must enter, in their age class, a minimum of 3 stakes and place in a minimum of 2 stakes. There are 5 Clubs that run 13 trials each year; 5 spring, 3 summer, 5 fall. The clubs are: Michigan Amateur Field Trial Club (MAFTC), National Brittany Open Grouse Championship Association (NBOGCA), Beaverton Grouse Dog Club, Ruffed Grouse Field Trial Club and the Lakes States Field Trial Club

    Shooting Dog, Dog of the Year

    Shady Hills Zeena, Erin’s War Creek x Brave Heart Cassie, a 6-year-old Pointer female, owned by Deb Nihart and handled by Marc Forman. Zeena easily earned enough points for an invite to the Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship.
    Champion, Lake States Grouse Dog Championship
    1st Beaverton Spring Open Shooting Dog
    3rd NBOGCA Spring Open SD
    1st NBOGCA Fall Open SD
    2nd Lake States Spring Open SD

    Runner-up Shooting Dog of the Year

    Hifive's Top Shelf, 4-year-old orange and white pointer female, owned by Ben Batey, bred, trained and handled by Bruce Minard, Hifive Kennels. Hifive’s Unlisted x Hifive’s Betts Placed. Top Shelf was named Champion of Northern MI Coverdog CH over an entry of 59 starters, these wins earning Top Shelf entry to the Grand National Invitational Championship.
    1st Champion Northern MI Coverdog Championship
    1st NBOGCA Spring Open SD
    3rd MAFTC Summer Open SD

    Derby Dog of the Year

    Winner, Meredith Grade Kati, tri color setter female from Jetwood X I’m Blue Who, owned and handled by Mike Singleton. Kati also won the season long Flanagan Derby Award, awarded to the top Derby Cover dog English Setter in North America.
    2nd Chester Halley Memorial Amateur Derby
    3rd MAFTC Fall Amateur Derby
    2nd Dell Todd Open Derby Classic
    1st Lake States Fall
    1st Jack Pyler Memorial Open Derby
    3rd Andy Eaton Spring Derby Classic

    Runner-up Derby Dog of the Year,

    EJ Jonesy, Taylor Kagley owner, Scott Chaffee, handler.
    Orange and white setter female; Ponderosa Mac x Eldridge’s Beauty and Beast
    3rd MAFTC Summer Open Derby
    3rd Dell Todd Open Derby Classic
    1st NBOGCA Fall Derby
    3rd Wolverine Derby Classic

    Puppy Dog of the Year

    Winner, May's Legacy of Justice Ken DeLong, liver and white male pointer
    Faith’s Maximum Justice X Chasehill Mighty May. Ken placed in 6 of the 9 puppy stakes ran this season.
    2nd Ruth Stuart Open Puppy
    1st Bob Doran Open Puppy Classic
    1st Lake States Fall Puppy
    1st NBOGCA Spring Puppy
    2nd NBOGCA Fall Puppy
    1st Michigan Grouse Dog Puppy Classic

    Runner-up Puppy Dog of the Year

    One Acre Wood Smokey, orange and white female setter owned and handled by Trey Rector
    Bred by Michigan field trialer Dr. George Najor; Sunrise Star X Lucy Two Star
    Smokey also had 3 wins in Pennsylvania and Virginia.
    1st Kim Kinne Open Puppy Classic
    2nd MAFTC Fall Puppy

      Re: Michigan Coverdogs of the Year

      Posted by Jim Harris on 6/15/2022, 8:11 pm, in reply to "Michigan Coverdogs of the Year"

      Congrats All!

        Re: Michigan Coverdogs of the Year

        Posted by Paul Tutro on 6/15/2022, 7:21 pm, in reply to "Michigan Coverdogs of the Year"

        Congratulations to all.
        Thanks for posting Mr Wheelock


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