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    July 23, Gladwin Summer Work Day(s)

    Posted by Bob Wheelock on 6/13/2022, 10:26 am

    July 23, Saturday, major work day, start at 8 AM
    This is the major work day to start and complete the majority of yearly course work. Below are plans to identify and ribbon various reroutes, extensions or changes to the current courses. No new courses have been proposed, no additional logging will take place on the grounds until the winter of 2024.
    The detail flagging below will probably take place during the week and will probably take place in the next few weeks. It you did not attend the meeting and want to participate in the reconnoitering of changes contact Brent Peters, Mike Singleton or myself for coordination.

    If you can't attend the July 23rd date but have time on other days the 8 courses not listed below will require general clearing and painting. Paint is available at the Alibi (contact me if you don't have access to the Alibi) PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OTHER BRAND OF BLUE PAINT OTHER THAN SUPPLIED TO US BY BRUCE. The paint provided is non-toxic to vegetation and must be used for marking courses. If one wants to work outside of the July 23 date that is great, it is encouraged. Just know that NO cutting of trees, trimming etc can be done prior to July 15. On july 15 and later the ban is lifted on the Oak Wilt closure and cutting and trimming can be done. If you plan to go outside the July 23 day let me know and we will guide you to the courses that still require maintenance.

    Prior to the major work day there will be individuals reconnoitering and flagging the following possible reroutes. No major course changes have been proposed. 8 of the 16 30-minute courses have been identified for possible improvements.

    C-1, start at the west end Bird Field Gate, add some minutes to course with end of course at current spot. Bottom of la4rge hill, possible reroute to right and hit the cover is right and across the large opening at bottom of hill.

    C-3, reroute at half point to end.

    C-4, add time, proposal to cahnge the end of this course.

    C-6, Mike S has a change to add time after hitting the tote rd.

    C-7, Start course closer to Puppy Junction, cross over road somewhere around the berms.

    C9/10, Improve the cross over from 9 to 10 for hour stakes.

    C-14, Reroute in the area of the cherry trees, eliminate the tote road portion.

    C-16, use the beginning of current C-1 to the tote road (gate) that will be eliminated with the changes to C-1.

      Update*** July 23, Gladwin Summer Work Day(s)

      Posted by Bob Wheelock on 7/26/2022, 7:01 pm, in reply to "July 23, Gladwin Summer Work Day(s)"

      A good bit of work was completed last Saturday, the reroutes are nearly complete and would be complete if the DR mower hadn't broke.
      Course 1 reroute not complete, mower and paint required.
      Course 3 reroute nearly complete, Tom Fruchey plans to complete soon.
      Course 4, 7, 14 reroutes complete.
      Course 5 and half of 6 cleared and painted. The end of 6 needs to be worked, from the turn off the tote road to the end of course.

      That leaves 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16 to clean and paint.

      We also have a revised cross over from 9 to 10, it's flagged, needs clearing and paint. Will not need mowing at this time. Will need small chainsaw work.

      If your can get up there for a few hours give Brent Peters or me a call and we can get you updated.


        Re: July 23, Gladwin Summer Work Day(s)

        Posted by Bob Wheelock on 7/12/2022, 8:01 pm, in reply to "July 23, Gladwin Summer Work Day(s)"

        The work detailed in the original post has been completed.
        July 23, 8AM
        Loppers, light chain saws, limb saws. We have one beefy chain saw, 2 weed whips with blades and a DR Mower.
        If you can't make the 23rd but want to work another day let us know and we will sign a course cleaning. All courses need to be walked and trimmed and possibly painted. We supply the paint, please don't bring your own



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