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    Moose Trial Results

    Posted by Larry Davidson on 4/30/2022, 11:22 am

    Open Shooting Dog Winners:
    1st. Grouser (Pharris) GSHP w/ 4 grouse finds.
    2nd. Merry (Lein) PF w/ 1 grouse & 1 woodcock.
    3rd. Sadie (Frahm) SF w/ 2 grouse & 2 woodcock.

    Open Derby Winners:
    1st. Myrtle SF (Degitz) w/ a far searching race, easy handle, and a dug up grouse find that included a successful relocation.
    2nd. Ruger SM (Marek) w/ a nice race and a broke grouse find.
    3rd. Hope PF (Fouts) w/ a very classy, hard charging forward race that required almost no handling, and a stop to flush on a woodcock.

    The Moose Club put on a great two day trial with 22 Shooting Dogs & 27 Derbies. Sig, Bill, Tim, Ed, and others were on hand to marshall and direct handlers, judges, and gallery. Brad wore the apron for lunches. Thanks guys for your efforts. Nice trial.

      Re: Moose Trial Results

      Posted by Brent on 4/30/2022, 9:36 pm, in reply to "Moose Trial Results"

      Thanks Larry.

      Sorry I missed the trial.

      Another great spring season is in the books, capped off at the Moose. Good work everyone!!!


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