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    Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship Announcement and Listing

    Posted by Joe Cammisa on 1/2/2022, 6:19 am

    The Invitational Championship for the 2021 points season will take place on The Grouse Ridge Kennels property 299 Preston Center Rd Oxford, NY 13830 Norwich NY and will be hosted by Pete Flanagan and The New York Grouse Trial Club. The drawing date will Be April 12, 2022, and the trial will start on Wednesday the 13th, running through the 14th and 15th.

    The Judges will be Russ Richardson of Guys Mills Pa and Scott Forman of Plattsburg NY. Both are held in the highest regards and we are very fortunate to have had them agree to sit in the judicial saddles.

    The Reporter is Bill Ballin of Norwich NY

    The following 20 dogs are ranked in order of total reported points highest first. The invitational is a 14-dog field and invitations will soon be sent out to the first 14, sending out additional invitations if any decline.

    Congratulations to the dogs, owners and the numerous handlers that got them here.

    Points,Dog, Owner

    2096, Ponderosa Mac, Steve Snyder
    1164, Hi Fives Powerline, Ben Batey
    1104, Snyders Pioneer Scout, Steve Snyder
    944, Hi Fives Top Shelf, Ben Batey
    883, Shady Hills Zeena, Deb Nihard
    828, Wild Apple Siri, Eric Rizza
    804, Fox Brook Poker Face, Chad Wheeler
    768, Rufus Del Fuego, Neal Anderson
    512, Nobodys Shadow, Bob Wheelock
    496, Chasehill Poison Ivy, Alan Raiano
    468, Over the Hill Patty, Rod Lein
    454, A Distant Spec, Mike Husenits
    432, BK Rolling Dice, Bill Siemer
    384, Bear River Victory, Chris Clark
    384, Rowlings Star, Chuck Rowling
    360, Snyders Full Rage Steve Snyder
    336, Tommy Tucker, Kelly Short
    336, Chasehill Little Spec Harley McClung
    324, Fearless Fred, Mike Lubke
    300, Full Breeze, Dick Brenneman


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