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    Help transporting a dog cross country

    Posted by Deborah Fazenbaker on 11/29/2021, 7:45 pm

    Craig O’Brine had a tragic incident a few months ago that took the life of 8 year old Cooper, his “once in a lifetime dog.” The O’Brine's live out west in Yakima, Washington. In spite of the distance between us, Allen and I have gotten to know Craig and his wife Carolyn very well over the years. They’ve become cherished friends. Craig’s work occasionally brought him to Erie Pennsylvania and when it did, we joined him for dinner. I’ve also welcomed them into our home and made dinner for them at Red Setter Run. Craig was a founding member of the Northwest Irish Setter Club; A few years ago when that club finally disbanded, they donated their remaining funds to the NRSFTC Futurity. As result we were able to replace the two futurity trophies.
    I’ve been trying for several weeks to find a way to ship a rescue hunting dog to Craig, but it’s been one disappointment after another. The only airline shipping at this time is American. Craig is willing to pay the shipping but each time he schedules it, American calls back with an excuse of the day to turn him down— and suggests he try a different date. American flights out of Cleveland were too long and there was a 6 hr layover in Charlotte. There was a faster and non-stop flight from Chicago to Seattle and Al and I planned to take him to Chicago. Again American Airlines changed their mind. Craig looked into bringing him cross country via a professional company— but it will cost more than a thousand dollars to go the distance. To further complicate the issue, Carolyn is seriously ill and keeps asking where Cooper went. She found him to be very soothing. I’m just putting this out there to say: If any club member is going to travel across country and be willing to take on a dog — perhaps we could patch together several club members across the country to move him from Ohio to Yakima, Washington. The dog needs rehomed, Craig needs the dog— and Carolyn needs it more than you can ever imagine. No one is likely to drive him from Ohio to Washington but if several persons would take part in transporting him west, well, that would truly make my Christmas! If anyone has an ideas or thoughts, please contact me Al Faze. Thanks for your thoughtful consideration.

      Re: Help transporting a dog cross country

      Posted by Rick on 12/1/2021, 7:22 am, in reply to "Help transporting a dog cross country"

      In my experience, Alaska Airlines is the best at traveling with dogs and I’m sure they would have a direct flight from Chicago to Seattle.


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