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    National Amateur Grouse Championship Draw

    Posted by Bob Wheelock on 9/27/2021, 8:47 pm

    The draw was posted at the AFTCA website this morning, here is the draw with additional info.

    We will start Thursday, leaving the Alibi at 8 AM (each day) and going to the 1st course of the day.
    Thursday and Friday we will have lunch available in the woods. Thursday lunch will be at the Tubes following the conclusion of brace 4 on course 7-8.
    Friday lunch will be at the West Gate Junction (the start and end of course 14)

    Saturday the Championship will conclude and the Purina Dinner will be held at the conclusion of the championship at the Alibi following the announcements. All are welcome for dinner, handlers, spouses, friends, gallery.

    ONE REQUEST concerning the Purina dinner,
    Please RSVP to me, Bob Wheelock with a TEXT if you are attending and how many will attend. Please include your name only in the text and the number of folks attending with you. I need to know by end of day Thursday.


    I draw the Derby and Puppy Tuesday night, still time to enter. Right now we have 8 dogs entered in each stake.

    National Amateur Grouse Championship
    Meredith, MI September 30, 2021
    Judges, Joe Cammisa & Dave Terhaar

    Brace Dog Breed Handler Course
    1a. Wayward Flying Tomato, SM, McMillen/Gomes 1-2
    1b. Warriors Zeke, PM, Eric Mundan

    2a. Runnin On Duncan, SM, Robert Boos 3-4
    2b. Thornapple Cody, SM, Bob Leet

    3a. Springpond Rockin Gibby, SM Lonnie Rademacher 5-6
    3b. Vitalís Grouse Ringer, SM, Gary Vitali

    4a. Ghost Train Sassy, SF, Tom Fruchey 7-8
    4b. Rowlings Star, SF, IS Chuck Rowling

    5a. Braggable, Pf, McMillen/Gomes 9-10
    5b. Wild Apple Siri, PF, Eric Rizza

    6a. Tupelo Honey, SF, Bob Wheelock 13-14
    6b. Super Hawk, SM, Robert Boos

    7a. Double Duece Sage, PF, McMillen/Gomes 5-6
    7b. Faithís Maximum Justice, PM, Ken DeLong

    8a. Moss Meadow Seeker, SM, Ken Moss 7-8
    8b. Nobodyís Shadow, SM, Bob Wheelock

    9a. Grouse Ridge Larry, SM, Paula Giulitto 9-10
    9b. Travel Alert, SM, Harold Holmes

    10a. Backsters Pale Rider, SM, Brent Peters 13-14
    10b. Calibur Peak Storm Warning, PF, McMillen/Gomes

    11a. Single Shot Barley, SF, Paula Giulitto 1-2
    11b. Vitalís Grouse Ringer Justify, SM, Gary Vitali

    12a. Wildland Warrior, PF, Eric Munden| 3-4
    12b. Chasehill Mighty May, PF, Bill Nelson

    13a. Double Duece Zeke, PM, McMillen/Gomes 9-10
    13b. Eagle Magnum Hot Shot, BM, Ken Delong

    14a. Dun Rovenís Soozee, SF, Ron Bradley 13-14
    14b. A Distant Spec, PF, Eric Munden

    15a. Out of the Shadows, SF, Bob Wheelock 1-2
    15b. Sutterís Backwoods Rumble, SM, Paula Giulitto

    16a. Calibur Peak Meridian, PM, McMillen/Gomes 3-4
    16b. Angels Envy, SF, Bob Wheelock

      Re: National Amateur Grouse Championship Draw

      Posted by andy Johnson on 10/2/2021, 7:14 pm, in reply to "National Amateur Grouse Championship Draw"

      Oct. 2, 2021
      Anyone know the dog and handler who won the Naational amateur Grouse championship in Gladwin today/

        Map of the Gladwin Field Trial Area

        Posted by Bob Wheelock on 9/27/2021, 8:53 pm, in reply to "National Amateur Grouse Championship Draw"

        The heavy yellow lines are the beginning and new end of 7 and start of 8.


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