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    2021 WI Cover Dog Championship

    Posted by Brent on 9/26/2021, 2:46 pm

    WI Cover Dog Championship will begin on Wednesday Sept 29th at 7:30 am at Wilson Township Park - Eau Claire County Forest..

    The Championship is shaping up to be 3 to 4 day event depending on many dogs we end up with. Thanks to those that got their entries in nice and early. You know who your are, and I appreciate it. It's always a lot easier on our VOLUNTEERS to know what we are dealing with, WAY ahead of time.

    Couse Order will be Wilson Park, Gasline, Highline, Horse Creek, County H, Stokely Diablo Jake, and staying in that order. Six or Seven braces per day at judges discretion.

    The derby will likely be started on Saturday Oct 2, with location and course order to be determined.

    Entry fee for the Championship is priced reduced to $110; $40 for derby. Winners purse REMAINS THE SAME! How good is that? Checks are preferred, because its just a whole lot easier to keep track of. If you were one of the dedicated volunteers that worked on the courses this summer, ask for the "championship discount" for your entry. I have a list of most, but may need to be reminded.

    Plan on bringing your own snacks and stuff for lunches. An ad hoc lunch might be added later. TBD.

    Toilets at Wilson Park, but that's it.

    Also, BYOB (of bug spray).

    Drawing this evening 9/26/2021

      Re: 2021 WI Cover Dog Championship

      Posted by Gary Cain on 10/14/2021, 11:10 am, in reply to "2021 WI Cover Dog Championship"

      I'm just where I might have a dog that can run next year (fall22)..... does a dog need to qualify for this trial?
      Was trying to setup a 'hunt' & 'run in a trial' trip. Experience a cover dog trial.

        Championship Winners Picture

        Posted by Correspondent on 10/3/2021, 9:53 am, in reply to "2021 WI Cover Dog Championship"

          Derby Running Order

          Posted by Brent on 9/26/2021, 8:46 pm, in reply to "2021 WI Cover Dog Championship"


          1a) Capone PM Bruder/Steinbach
          1b) Easy SM Peterson

          2a) Tori SF Kleeve
          2b) Kate PF Steinbach/Bruder

          3a) Lily SF Hough/Kleeve
          3b) Myrtle SF Degitz

          4a) Meg SF Foreman
          4b) Maeve PF Waite

          5a) Kenzie VF Waite
          5b) Stella PF Steinbach/Bruder

          6a) Lady SF Kleeve
          6b) Sniffs SM Foreman

          7a) India SF Waite
          7b) Spanky PM Bruder/Steinbach

          8a) Pongo SM Waite

            Re: Derby Running Order

            Posted by Brent on 9/30/2021, 12:30 pm, in reply to "Derby Running Order"

            Multiple Course Derby will start on Saturday morning at about 8:00 at the Horse Creek Road Course. We will move over the the "H" course (on east end of Chaney Road) after that.

              Derby winners

              Posted by Brent on 10/3/2021, 7:46 am, in reply to "Re: Derby Running Order"

              Winners of the 2021 WI Open Derby

              1) Easy SM Kyle Peterson
              2) Maeve, PF Tom Waite and Andrea
              3) Myrtle, SF Sig Degitz

              Thanks everyone.

              Now it is paper work time.........

            Championship Runner Order

            Posted by Brent on 9/26/2021, 8:43 pm, in reply to "2021 WI Cover Dog Championship"

            2021 Wisconsin Cover Dog Ch Running Order

            1a) Grouse Trailís Firestorm PF (is) McKellop
            1b) Ruby PF Steinbach/Bruder

            2a) Leslieís Jigster SM Foreman
            2b) Patty PF Lein

            3a) Titaniumís Hammer PM Minard
            3b) Fireside Aiden SM Chaffee

            4a) Snyderís Pioneer Scout SM Chaffee
            4b) Pete PM Lein

            5a) Grouse Trailís Baravado PM McKellop
            5b) Hi Fiveís Golden Nugget PF Minard

            6a) Snyderís Full Rage SF (is) Chaffee
            6b) BK Rolling Dice PF Minard

            7a) Snyderís Pioneer Sam SM Chaffee
            7b) Shady Hills Whisky Bonfire SM Foreman

            8a) Ponderosa Mac SM Chaffee
            8b) Thornapple Casy SM Minard

            9a) Brooks White Hot Blaze RSM Waite
            9b) Hershnerís Thunderbolt Jet SM Chaffee

            10a) Snyderís Sadie SF (is) Chaffee
            10b) Hi Fiveís Top Shelf PF (is) Minard

            11a) Grouse Trails Cracker Jack PM McKellop
            11b) Rain Tree Blue Moon RSM Waite

            12a) Rebellious Fearless Fred SM Luebke
            12b) NorthWoods Sir Gordon SM Mckean

            13a) FlyCast Rollie Fingers SM Chaffee
            13b) BK Sunny Day PF Minard

            14a) Dale Creek Roxie PF (is) Waite
            14b) Ruffed Country Sweet Lily SF Pharris

            15a) Rib River Tough Enough II BM King
            15b) Oscar Robinson SM Foreman

            16a) High Five Powerline PM Minard
            16b) NorthWood Atlas SM Johnson

            17a) Brushville Burton Spencer SM Waite
            17b) Meredith Grade Corky SM Chaffee

            18a) Grouse Hill Pepper PF (is) Chaffee
            18b) Grouse Trailís Warrior Cat PF McKellop

            19a) Skydancer Flash Finish SM Waite
            19b) Midnight Ghost Ryder SM Pharris

            20a) Dale Creek Gypsy Queen SF Waite
            20b) bye

            Of course there is always a chance of a missed entry or other problem that comes to light. Please check back in case my mistake necessitates a redraw.


              Posted by Brent on 10/3/2021, 7:42 am, in reply to "Championship Runner Order"

              Proud to announce the winners of the 2021 WI Cover Dog Championship

              Champion Ponderosa Mac, SM Scott Chaffee / Steve Snyder

              Runner Up, Over The Hill Patty, PF Rod Lein owner and handler

              Re: 2021 WI Cover Dog Championship

              Posted by Deb Dlobik on 9/26/2021, 6:16 pm, in reply to "2021 WI Cover Dog Championship"

              Will you post running order tonight in this sight?


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