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    Checking In

    Posted by Jimmy H. on 6/8/2021, 9:44 pm

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a 1.5 year old setter female and she does a lot of checking back (like once every 3 or 4 minutes) in on me when we are out. Her pedigree is mainly Mohawk and her mother's father is Shadow Oak Bo. Every time she does this, I try to get her back out but I wanted to ask the question. Is repetitive checking back in something that can be trained out of a dog? Or is it a genetic trait that the dog will either carry throughout it's life or be extremely hard to train out? All help on this would be greatly appreciated.


      Re: Checking In

      Posted by Ray Gubernat on 6/9/2021, 10:21 am, in reply to "Checking In"

      First comment is that "checking in" especially for a young dog ain't such a bad thing, if you think about it. I have had dogs that I kinda wished would "check in" a little, so be careful what you wish for.
      A young derby dog that wants to be with you can grow into an adult dog, with an adult range, that still wants to be with you. Checking in for an adult dog can be coming across your line of march at 10 feet or 100 yards. Your choice.

      FWIW, Mike Tracy of Summerhill Kennels typically keeps his derbies pretty darn close, until they earn the right to reach out by doing what they are supposed to. Seems to work for him.

      If a dog comes around back in, you can install a turn command(using your body or horse as a turn cue - and an e-collar nick) to turn it at a distance you desire. If you are consistent, the dog will begin to turn at the distance you "encourage".

      Two more things...

      I install a "send out" whistle by hitting the whistle in a particular way, when I initially release a dog to run. Once the dog is used to associating the whistle command with running flat out, I can use it in the field to "send" the dog.

      You can also "encourage ' the dog to "reach out" by planting a bird "out a ways" and then planting another bird out there further again and "sending" the dog.


        Re: Checking In

        Posted by Joe Cammisa on 6/12/2021, 10:11 am, in reply to "Re: Checking In"

        Great advice Ray....


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