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    Beaverton Grouse Dog Club

    Posted by T Fruchey on 4/20/2021, 9:35 pm

    The Beaverton Grouse Dog Club will begin it Open Shooting dog stake Promptly at 8am. All are asked to meet at Alibi Hall by 7:30 am and we will leave the hall at 7:45. We will run Courses
    1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15 and 16. We are going to try and get 15 braces in on Saturday and finish the remaining braces Sunday Morning.

    The Puppy Stake will commence at 9am Saturday at the puppy course. Dennis Keysor will be acting chairmen for this event. He will be leaving Alibi hall at 8:30am to guide the party to the puppy course. If this is your first time here please get with him for directions.

    The Derby we will try to begin as close to 3pm as possible on course #4. Courses will be run in order using the same courses as the Open Shooting Dog. We will not run more than 4 braces of derbies on Saturday and will finish the stake on Sunday. We will start Sunday morning where ever we leave off Saturday night.

    We will be hosting a steak fry after the running on Saturday evening outside of Alibi hall on the grounds, all are welcome to attend.
    We look forward to seeing you at the trial bring a friend, and enjoy watching the dogs work.

    BGDC Open Shooting Dog brd sex handler
    1a Slipper p f Minard
    1b Barley s m Hollister
    2a French's Grouse ringer woody s m Forman
    2b Cody s m Minard
    3a Texas Elhew Bodie p m Forman
    3b Nike s f Rowling
    4a Buster s m Holmes
    4b Sam s m Chaffee
    5a Shelby S f Chaffee
    5b Dot p f Minard
    6a Drifter s m Hollister
    6b Preacher s m Peters
    7a Pete s m Hollister
    7b Star s f Rowling
    8a Soozee s f Hollister
    8b Bella s f Fruchey
    9a Larry s m Hollister
    9b Charlie s m Johnson
    10a Puma s m Casgrain
    10b Pete p m Minard
    11a Scout s m Chaffee
    11b Seeker s m Moss
    12a Ozzy's Crazy Train s m Forman
    12b Sassy s f Fruchey
    13a Rollie s m Chaffee
    13b Iris p f Minard
    14a Corky s m Chaffee
    14b Shady Hills Zena p f Forman
    15a Grouse Hills Smoky p m Forman
    15b Jacksin p m Minard
    16a Lucy s f Hollister
    16b may s f Minard
    17a Blast Off s m Forman
    17b Sunny p f Minard
    18a Wild Wing Pip s m Chaffee

    Derby Classic
    Dogs Name brd Sex Handler
    1a Rex s m Chaffee
    1b Young Grouse Louie s m Forman
    2a Sidney s f Chaffee
    2b Stormy s f Minard
    3a Josie s f Chaffee
    3b Dixie s f Minard
    4a Rumble s m Hollister
    4b Casey s m Minard
    5a Bash s m Peters
    5b Spec s f Merlington
    6a Baker River Mountain s m Forman
    6b Rockin Autumn s m Rademacher
    7a Sid s f Singlton
    7b Gunner s m Hollister
    8a Magic s m Moss
    8b Zip s m Hollister
    9a Sal s f Chaffee
    9b Molly s f Sellers
    10a Spots s m Rudd
    10b Rye s m Short
    11a Abby s f Minard
    11b Sage s m Hollister
    12a Woddy p m Minard
    12b Queen s f Ash
    13a Indy s m Peters
    13b Maverick s m Moss
    14a Sadie s f Chaffee
    14b Penny s f Ellis
    15a Mac s m Dozeman
    15b Abe s m Rudd
    16a Bill p m Minard
    16b Peach s f Holmes

    Puppy Classic
    Dogs Name B S Handler
    1a Kora s f Hollister
    1b Lizzie p f Hall
    2a Sandy p m Minard
    2b Rex s m Hollister
    3a Rye s m Short
    3b Molly s f Sellers
    4a Jonesy s f Chaffee
    4b Tim s m Holmes
    5a Jack s m Chaffee
    5b Briar s f Hollister
    6a Katie s f Chaffee


      Posted by T Fruchey on 4/25/2021, 8:18 pm, in reply to "Beaverton Grouse Dog Club"

      The results

      Open Shooting Dog
      1st: Soozee Hollister
      2nd: Star Rowling
      3rd: Sunny Minard

      Eaton Spring Derby Classic
      1st: Dixie Minard
      2nd: Sage Hollister
      3rd: Sidney Chaffee

      Michigan Grouse Dog Puppy Classic
      1st: Rye Short
      2nd Jonsey Chaffee
      3rd Sandy Minard

      Thanks to all who participated and worked to put on a very successful event and congratulations to all the winners and their owners.

        Winners pics

        Posted by Correspondent on 4/26/2021, 4:53 am, in reply to "results"

          Re: results

          Posted by Paul Tutro on 4/26/2021, 4:44 am, in reply to "results"

          Congratulations to all

          Re: Beaverton Grouse Dog Club

          Posted by Terry Leverett on 4/21/2021, 1:02 am, in reply to "Beaverton Grouse Dog Club"

          What a draw good luck to all


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